Branch funding

Branch funding is carefully managed to ensure that money is used effectively and efficiently to support IOSH members. If your query is not covered in the information below, please speak to your Regional Manager (RM) or Branch Co-ordinator (BC).  

The challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic have changed the way that committees support their members, with meetings becoming virtual for the time being. As a result, funding for branches has been altered to accommodate this new meeting style.  

A new funding procedure has been produced along with an event strategy which covers all types of meetings. Committees are requested to familiarise themselves with this new procedure and the details can be found in the Branch budget guidance 2021-22 and Events strategy. 

To provide IOSH with oversight of expected costs, Treasurers are asked to submit a basic bi-annual plan of estimated expenditures using the Branch funding plans 2021-22 templateThe submitted plans will not confirm authorisation of spend but will be used for forecasting expected spending requests.  

To obtain actual funding for purchases or activities, Treasurers should complete the Branch funding business case form with as much detail as possible. A separate funding request should be completed for each purchase or activity. Treasurers should submit completed forms to their RM or BC for IOSH approval.  

If you require further detail about these new procedures please speak to your RM or BC.