Branch funding

Branch funding is carefully managed to ensure that money is used effectively and efficiently to support IOSH members. If your query is not covered in the information below, please speak to your Regional Manager (RM). The Brief Guide to Network Funding may also help with your decisions for providing member value.

Per Capita funding

From the start of the 2019 financial year branches will be funded on a per capita basis. To do this a total amount will have been agreed by Board of Trustees. Branches will then be granted a set amount of money per member aligned to their network. As there are a number of members who are not aligned to a network, the allowance for these members has been split between the networks who have fewer than the average number of members. This is a fair way of supporting the small networks and making use of all available funds effectively.

The amount of per capita funds available to any single network has been capped irrespective of whether the per capita allowance takes them above the cap.

Funding template forms will be provided to each branch and district around September each year. These should be completed to show how the per capita allocation will be spent. When completing these templates please look for value for money wherever possible when considering your committee spend and the spend you commit to members. If your per capita allocation is more than you need, please tell your Regional Manager so that we can make the funds available to others through an additional funds pot.

Additional funds pot

A small amount of the total agreed by Board of Trustees will be put into an additional funds pot. Committees will be able to request additional funding on top of their per capita amount on their funding templates form.

The additional funds pot is in place for networks to receive support with running costs as well as for additional activities or projects. Decisions on allocating these funds will be taken by the Networks Team, and applications will be assessed against a set of criteria, to ensure all bids are treated fairly and have an equal chance of success. It is anticipated that not all applications will be supported, and some will need to be negotiated. The principles of how funds are spent must be applied to bids for additional funds.

The criteria to be used for assessing additional funds will include:

  • Alignment to WORK 2022
  • Member value
  • Alignment to one of the six OSH priority areas (MSDs, Non-health related fatalities, Occupational cancer, Sustainability and human capital, Well-being, Rehabilitation/Return to work)
  • Provide CPD opportunities for members
  • Raises the profile of OSH
  • Collaboration or innovation

Please work with your RM to complete your additional funds submission and return all network funding template forms via your RM by the start of November. Networks will then be informed of their total allocation by the end of November, allowing earlier planning and/or communication of changes to plans earlier in the year.

Alternative funding

All networks can consider alternative sources of funding to supplement their budget allocation. This can include sponsorship of meetings and asking delegates for a contribution to the running costs by charging for certain meetings. If you wish to investigate these options further, please speak with your RM.

What does branch funding cover?

The following shows those elements that should be built into your budget, those elements that are funded centrally and, importantly, what should be referred for guidance. There are some things that the committee may feel are reasonable expenditure, but under further scrutiny would not pass the ‘member benefit’ test. If in doubt please ask your RM.

These items are included in the branch budget:

  • Committee: travel, expenses, venue, catering
  • Branch meeting costs: venue, catering, speaker fees
  • Committee Strategy and Planning day
  • Admin costs: telephone, printing (personal costs)
  • IPD or CPD support meeting
  • Project costs

These items are centrally funded by IOSH:

  • Networks Conference tickets and meal
  • IOSH annual conference tickets

These items are omitted, or you need to seek guidance about them:

  • Events where we charge people to attend (managed through the Events Team)
  • Committee gifts
  • Gifts for members

Restrictions on spending

IOSH is a registered charity (Registered charity in England and Wales No. 1096790 and Scotland No. SC043254), and as such is bound by the rules as set out by The Charity Commission.

These rules include how monies can be spent and allocated to others. The rules around giving funds to other charities are very complicated, but as a general rule, we discourage committees from allocating funds to other charities (whether this is as sponsorship or as a direct payment for services). Please refer to this guidance from The Charity Commission website for more information.