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Raising the profile of your profession


Vision Zero Training launched at XXII World Congress Special Session

Dr Bill Gunnyeon, Chair of our Board of Trustees, announced the launch of a new Vision Zero training offering that was developed in collaboration with IOSH at the XXII World Congress Special Session.

Vision Zero is a transformational approach to prevention that integrates the three dimensions of safety, health and well-being at all levels of work.

We were approached by ISSA due to our extensive experience in developing globally recognised courses has helped millions of people to implement safe and healthy working practices. Today, we're supporting ISSA in delivering the Vision Zero strategy through training, consistently and with high quality.

Over the years ISSA have developed a huge following, with over 12,000 supporters globally. We're delighted to have this offering available to you ‐ our trainer network ‐ to provide you with the opportunity to expand your portfolio and diversify into new markets.

Find out more about this offering.

New tailored course approval standards

We have listened to your feedback and we are revising the standards with the intention of making them easier to follow and comply with for all providers. The standards are designed to support and assist you with continuous upgrading of IOSH‑approved courses. This will enable the courses to be approved more efficiently in order to take them to market and start generating income. We understand that in these challenging economic circumstances this is the highest priority for many of you.

The 2020 draft standards for face‑to‑face and e‑learning are available below to download. Please provide any feedback on the accessibility, ease of use or any other suggestions by completing the survey. We will be collating feedback from now until 12 August, so please do take the time to contribute. When we publish the new standards, further communications and guidance will be provided.

Free e‑learning taster course in returning safely to Your Workplace

As countries ease their lockdown measures and more employees begin returning to their workplace, our module looks at how premises can be made physically safer against the threat of Covid‑19. The fourth of our e‑learning courses in returning safely to Your Workplace focuses on real practical steps that businesses can put in place. It is designed to support existing risk assessments and will enable businesses to plan and implement a regime that will support the prevention of Covid‑19.

It's important for all employees, particularly line managers, to gain essential knowledge about what needs to be considered when returning to the workplace safely. We have developed a series of e‑learning resources to provide you with the essential considerations for managing a safe return. We hope you can use this practical advice to keep safe and inform others about the precautions needed to return safely to workplaces following lockdown.

CSCS Green Labourer Card ‐ Reminder

We would like to remind you that earlier this year, we announced that our Safety, Health and Environment for Construction Workers course had been approved by CSCS and was therefore eligible for the Green Labourer card. This builds on the BUILD UK and CITB approvals that were already in place for the product.

Soon after this we informed you that Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) would no longer accept IOSH Working Safely as eligible for the Green Labourer card as of the 31 March 2020. Please ensure you have updated any collateral related to these products in order to keep delegates up to date.

Managing Safely® UK registered trade mark reminder

Last week, we shared with you the great news that as of 09 August 2020 our Managing Safely® course is now a UK registered trade mark product.

To support you with the questions you've been asking, we want to provide you with further clarity on how this impacts you if you're a training provider and operate in the UK. You only need to update your marketing materials and webpages with the ® symbol where Managing Safely is referenced. This can be done as and when you see fit and printed collateral doesn't need to be replaced immediately.

Following on from this, please note that this doesn't impact your centre logo and that centre logos will remain as they are. We'll also be updating and replacing all of our marketing collateral and downloadable resources over the coming weeks to support you with your promotional activity. Finally, we want to let you know that this is a UK trade mark only, so for any advertising promotions outside of the UK, adding the ® symbol is not essential.

Free e‑learning taster course in PPE and RPE awareness

We launched the third of our e-learning courses in PPE and RPE awareness, a 10 minute taster course to help you and your customers understand the difference between the two types of face masks and their ratings to ensure you are safe. The course is useful for healthcare workers, non‑healthcare workers, members of the public and for anyone who wants to know more about PPE and RPE.

These online tasters provide valuable advice for businesses and we encourage you to share this with your colleagues and customers. See below for other e-learning tasters. 

Free e‑learning taster course in Managing Temporary Workers

We launched the second of our e‑learning courses in Managing Temporary Workers to support businesses who are employing temporary workers to cover production and working capacity, as many contracted workers are taking time off due to extra precautions and the anxiety that Covid‑19 may have caused. It is vital that temporary employees are assured that their managers and leaders are looking after their safety, health and wellbeing during this integral time.

The free to use, Managing Temporary Workers e‑learning taster course provides you and your customers with essential measures you need to have in place to look after temporary workers' safety and health in the workplace. We strongly encourage you use this to promote the need for taking IOSH courses.

Free e‑learning taster course in Returning Safely

Free to use, this online taster will provide valuable advice for businesses looking to return to work at this time.

We launched the first of our e-learning taster to support with the promotion of IOSH courses as it is a great stepping stone to taking full IOSH training courses and can be used to promote the need for managers to gain a greater understanding of managing workplace safety and the vital role they play. Please feel free to share this with your customers and colleagues, access here.

Track-and-trace guidance

We have developed a short guide on how your business can 'track-and-trace' and what measures you can implement to make it easier. Track-and-trace is a system being implemented by countries around the world to manage the spread of the Covid-19 virus by using the smartphone application. Our guidance provides suggestions to support organisations as a starting point for measures that can be introduced to manage risk of transmission in the workplace. We recommend you to take the time to read the guidance and to help reduce the transmission of the virus in organisations and workplaces.

Engage with IOSH webinars

Our series of webinars are here to help you with technical OSH advice

We have launched a series of free weekly webinars against the backdrop of Covid-19 for Occupational Safety and Health professionals. These webinars can help provide you with technical OSH advice, but also you can add it on your CPD log. 

You can register for the latest webinar and watch all previous webinars on our Webinars page.

Develop your skills

The IOSH Career Hub to support your development

We know this is an extremely challenging time for all our members and training partners so our Career Hub is here to help you get ahead of the competition by developing your business skills.

It's packed with a wealth of interactive tools and resources to boost your professional development, including an enormous range of e-learning modules to support your Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Each item of content is accompanied by an estimated time for completion, making it easy for you to capture in your CPD record.

If you would like to become a member to access the career hub and other member benefits, please visit our membership pages to find out more.

To keep us updated with your professional development and to stay connected, share your stories and experience with us and your network by tagging @IOSH_tweets.

Learn more and access the IOSH Career Hub

Engage with social media

Share your stories with us!

We want to hear your positive stories and experiences from your virtual training sessions. We want you to share your challenges, knowledge and motivate others to grow together.

During these testing times, IOSH training is an important part of developing a safe and healthy workplace culture and can help support businesses to look forward to the next phase of safety, health and wellbeing management when returning to the workplace.

Take a screenshot of a video conferencing session or a selfie from a delegate taking an online course, put a face to the name!

Remember to use #IOSHSolutions and we'll share, like, comment on anything that you post. In doing this together we can show the world that we're still open for business.

Communication tips

‘Guaranteed pass’ or ‘Pass promise’ terminology in advertisements

We have recently noticed that some training products are being advertised using the following terminology; ‘guaranteed pass’ and ‘pass promise’.

We want to ensure any messaging from our partners are accurate and unfortunately this has been tagged as misleading and can be considered false advertising. Delegates may consider they have been misled to think they will pass the assessment which we know cannot be guaranteed. 

To help you, we have thought of a some useful ways you can advertise your products:

  • State your best pass rate. For example, ‘100% pass rate with Jones Safety Ltd’.
  • Highlight your support package. For example, state what you do to support learners if they do not pass straight away.
  • Let the delegate know of your IOSH Audit grade or an IOSH Trainer observation grade, remember, you must state the date and type of audit carried out. E.g. Outstanding achieved at our IOSH audit on 1 May 2020.

If you could update your current communications and advertising to follow this structure, it would be very helpful for us. We appreciate your cooperation on this.

Covid-19 pages

We now have an array of Covid-19 pages to help you and your customers stay safe during this pandemic. Read up on these pages and keep safe. New pages are being created every day so always visit our main Covid-19 page for the latest updates.