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Product update - ordering workbooks

Please order workbooks in larger volumes and consolidate requests where possible  there will be a minimum order of five workbooks for the foreseeable future.  
Thank you for your understanding and support. You will be helping us to maintain service levels for all our customers and will help us alleviate some of the pressures on our team.

Adding IOSH courses

If you would like to add courses to your training provider account, you can do so by emailing us: courses@iosh.com  

In your email please include the name of the course(s) you are interested in. The team will then be in touch with the next steps. 

Strengthening our complaints processes  

IOSH is enhancing and improving the experiences we deliver to our customers and correspondents. 
One key part of this journey is how we manage the complaints and comments IOSH receives, so we can respond effectively and at pace. 
Therefore, we are strengthening our complaints processes and providing guidance about how people should correspond with us more effectively. You can find out more here. 
The core principles are:  

  • individuals may raise their concern through the formal channel
  • all comments and complaints will be put through the same triage process and handed to the appropriate business
  • serious concerns will be escalated though the governance process but if the individual doesn’t want to enter the formal process, we reserve the right to undertake an investigation

Outstanding hard copy certificates 

If you are awaiting hard copy certificates please bear with us. We are doing all we can to ensure as many certificates are distributed each week, unfortunately the impact of the lockdown has meant extremely reduced capacity at our physical premises which directly impacts our ability to work through the requests. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as appropriate.

Advice for classroom based learning

Many of you have been asking about classroom based learning and what IOSH's recommendations are. IOSH's view, is that it is best to conduct as much as possible of your business online or by distance learning, to limit the likelihood of contact and therefore infection by the coronavirus.

However, if it is necessary to hold classes face-to-face, then it is essential to follow principles of good hygiene and social distancing. As a provider of an IOSH-approved safety and health training course, your preparation, your actions and your behaviour will set the tone for the training and give the best possible indication of the seriousness and importance of good health and safety practice, management and leadership.

Read up on our guidelines of how you can limit the likelihood of contact.

Our online hub of advice and resources will help you navigate a safe path with guidance in our four returning safely areas ‐ safe people, safe workplaces, safe systems and safe equipment. We have also provided a Covid‑19 risk assessment for guidance too.

Don't forget for those of you who are still delivering through video conferencing we have our FAQs online for hints and tips on delivery.

IOSH Course Management System (CMS) reminder

As a reminder, you will need to connect to the internet at least once every two months to retrieve any updates that are available for your course and to have continued permission to use the Chrome Extension for any offline training. If you have any questions or continue to experience issues please contact us via email.

Training Provider Portal (TPP) ‐ Submission of results

We would also like to remind you that when you are submitting delegate results on the TPP, you will need to order the certificates by clicking the 'Order' button and also remember to raise and pay the associated invoice. If you have any other queries about the portal or need support when using it, please contact the Customer Service team via phone on +44 (0)116 350 0900 or email us.

Welcome Rachel Harris to the IOSH team

In this week's edition of the IOSH Training Provider newsletter we're delighted to welcome our new Training Network Business Manager, Rachel Harris.

There's no better way to introduce her than in her own words, giving some background and a flavour of the improvements we're working on to help you:

"Hello! I'm truly thrilled to have joined the fantastic IOSH team. To be able to play a part in IOSH continuing to shape the future of the OSH profession will definitely be meaningful both professionally and personally.

"My business‑to‑business experience is derived from over 16 years spent within the aviation and travel & tourism sectors in sales management roles.

"There's still a lot of history left to be made in 2020 and I will be collaborating with you over the coming months to ensure our service offering is where it needs to be and to understand your business growth plans to support this.

"With Covid‑19 lockdown measures easing ‐ but also fluctuating ‐ in many parts of the world, you will need to support businesses for their safe return to workplaces. This presents various challenges, and training is a big part of all solutions. So, let's start talking. Together we will overcome these challenges and shape the ‘new’ future."

It's great to have Rachel join our team. Please engage with her as she learns more about this network.

We're still offering support on video conferencing and favourable credit terms for incorporated organisations. We also continue to harness technology via our training provider portal and ongoing guidance online to help you manage your IOSH courses and access advice from our team. Editable assessments are enabling delegates to put answers straight into the documents cutting down on admin.

Remember, you can download from the course management system tips on how to cover Covid‑19 in your training sessions. And designated members are also receiving regular updates and advice on managing coronavirus risks as well as ‘Returning Safely’ through our member channels, including the Connect newsletter.

Take care and stay in contact. You can get in touch, as ever, by emailing courses@iosh.com.

Managing Safely ® registered trade mark

We are pleased to announce that the IOSH Managing Safely® course is now a UK registered trade mark product from 09 August 2020. This means that if you are a training provider and you operate in the UK you will be required to add the registered logo after any mention of Managing Safely®.

We will be updating all of our collateral resources over the coming weeks to ensure you have the right resources to support you and the right products for this course. We also recommend that you start updating your materials as soon as you can. Further details on the goods and services and the trade mark of Managing Safely® can be found here.

Just a little tip for creating the registered logo manually, on your Windows PC you can hold down the keys Ctrl+Alt+R in Microsoft word and this function will create the symbol for you. To type a registered trade mark symbol on a Mac, just press the option+r keys at the same time. You can copy and paste this logo on any materials used online.

Roles and responsibilities updates

Over the past few months, we are very aware that a number of roles and responsibilities may have shifted and changed. With this in mind, if you have had any changes to Nominated members or Admin responsibilities, please do keep us updated.

We'd like to ensure you aren't hindered in course delivery by some of the requirements for licensing. Please contact BusinessSupport@iosh.com to notify us of any amendments.

Delivering e-learning course(s) through sub-licensing

As a reminder, we have introduced our new licensing solutions and you could now apply to gain access to some of IOSH's approved e learning courses as a sub centre. This will enable customers to deliver as an alternative method, while still getting the commercial recognition for your business.

The option to share e learning courses is now available and further details are listed on our how to deliver e-learning courses through sub-licensing page. We have also provided information on licensing requirements, list of training providers who are offering courses for sub licensing and FAQs for guidance and support.

Instant online certificate checker

Do you often get asked to validate a training certificate? Or are you recruiting and want to confirm that the person you are recruiting is an IOSH member? If so, we've now introduced an instant online certificate checker for IOSH membership and training certificates.

If you have a new employee starting in your organisation or you're commissioning work to an agency, you can now check the validity of their professional certificates quickly and easily. Simply enter their details in our training certificate checker and membership certificate checker and our records will verify it.

If you can't find the information you're looking for, you can contact our team who will check for you. You can find the contact details on the web pages linked above.

The importance of health and safety training for managers

In partnership with YouGov we published a new report, called Managing your people safely, which examines the importance of one group of people in an organisation that is critical in preventing work‑related fatalities, injuries and illness ‐ line managers. This new report has already been read by more than 1,600 people within 72 hours of being published.

Organisations that invest in health and safety training for managers are seeing a positive impact on their workers' effectiveness and a range of business benefits, such as a positive and caring work culture, increased productivity and an enhanced reputation.

As you may have seen, we have been running campaigns to highlight the findings in this report and promoting them through our social media channels. We want to ensure that health and safety training is seen as integral to improving the safety and wellbeing of our people, therefore we encourage you to use the report in promoting IOSH's Managing Safely® course. Read the full report here

Delivering online

During the lockdown, it's become impossible to deliver training courses face-to-face. However there are alternatives to deliver courses and we can help provide you support in these areas. 

Through video conferencing

We wanted to remind you that we have some video conferencing guidance and FAQs for those of you wanting to deliver courses in this way. We are continually updating this page so if you do have any questions please check on this page for support.

If you are currently delivering a course via video conference, you can share your stories and experiences via the hashtag #IOSHVideoConferencing.

Please email us on training@iosh.com if you would like to deliver your courses in this way.

Through e-learning

If you have an e-learning course and would like it IOSH approved, please follow our tailored course approval process. We are now prioritising all submissions regarding e-learning to ensure you can deliver your courses online as soon as possible. There is also a discount of 25% for submissions regarding e-learning up until 31 July 2020.

For any questions on our tailored course approval, you can email our tailored courses team.

Using case studies

If you are delivering the Working Safely or Managing Safely® courses at this time you may want to incorporate some of the current issues around Covid-19 in some of the modules.

You don't necessarily need to refer to Covid-19 throughout, but it is a current issue that is probably on many learner's minds.

So we have created some tips on how to cover it during your sessions in a positive way. These tips are available to download now on the Course Management System (CMS).


Deliver the Level 3 Safety and Health for Business course with video conferencing

Along with all other IOSH courses, we wanted to let you know that our NCFE IOSH Level 3 Certificate in Safety and Health for Business course can also be delivered through video conferencing, and strongly encourage those of you who have the licence to do so.

If you wish to undertake video conferencing for this course or any other, please contact courses@iosh.com and advise which course(s) you will be completing through this method. For further information, see our FAQs page.

Deciding to run a face-to-face training course in light of Covid-19

IOSH’s view, is that it is best to conduct as much as possible of your business online or by distance learning, to limit the likelihood of contact and therefore infection by the coronavirus.

However, if it is necessary to hold classes face-to-face, then it is essential to follow principles of good hygiene and social distancing. As a provider of an IOSH-approved safety and health training course, your preparation, your actions and your behaviour will set the tone for the training and give the best possible indication of the seriousness and importance of good health and safety practice, management and leadership.

You have a responsibility to protect those who attend your training, just as you would expect your host venue to have a responsibility for your safety and health.


In addition to the usual considerations of accessibility and suitability, you must now also consider the following.

  • Provision of hygiene stations on entry and throughout the parts of the premises likely to be used by your class.
  • Whether you have sole use of the premises at the time of your course. If not, you will need to consider how can your class be separated to ensure no contact with other users of the venue: entrances, reception and sign-in points, lifts, stairways, corridors, dining areas, toilets.
  • If other classes are running at the same time at the venue, you will need to coordinate with other trainers on start, finish and break times to avoid congestion.
  • How large a room (or set of rooms) will you need to accommodate your class while respecting physical distancing requirements? Can desks or workstations be moved to ensure that there is the minimum social distance between participants at all times? Please check your local government advice for social distancing recommendations.
  • If break-out sessions are required, consider the movement required to and from other rooms and how this will be managed to minimise the risk of physical contact.
  • Are there (or will there be) signs and other visual cues to remind participants of physical distancing that must be observed?
Getting there

Consider the location of the venue in relation to your learners. How easy is it to reach the venue without recourse to public transport? Is there adequate parking in the locality. Will participants need to stay overnight? What are the implications in terms of potential contact with the virus?

The course itself
  • No contact greetings!
  • Provide prior information to all learners not only about the course content but also about how you intend to manage the class safely during the training
  • Provide information about Covid-19 to explain why you are taking the precautions and stating your expectations of learners’ behaviour during the training.
  • Explain to learners that they should not attend the class if they begin to show any symptoms of Covid-19 infection (you should explain briefly what these are).
  • You may consider asking learners if they consider themselves to be high-risk (for reasons of age or underlying medical condition) prior to the course taking place, it may be advised to ask them to join via video conferencing or adding additional shielding requirements.

Disclaimer: This list is by no means exhaustive and specific requirements may vary dependent on the training centre and its facilities.

This guidance is based on the WHO guidance for returning to schools.

Training Provider Portal

Improving technology to better service you

The Training Provider Portal is the easiest way for you to manage all of your administration activities, wherever you are, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The portal has now replaced any current administrative activities to ensure you are gaining immediate access for your needs at all times. We would like to remind you to take some time to log in and familiarise yourself with the portal and its array of functions.

To support you in your initial stages of use, we have developed an interactive step-by-step user guide, available in digital and print versions, which you can access via the link below. The user guide has everything you need to know, from signing up to the portal to ordering your delegate certificate, along with hints and tips for use.

If you have any other queries about the portal or need support when using it, please contact the Customer Service team on +44 (0)116 350 0900 or email us at training@iosh.com.

More information on the Trainer Provider Portal


Managing your people safely

This report by IOSH and YouGov examines the importance of line managers in an organisation and their critical role in creating safe and healthy places of work.

A great opportunity for training partners to promote the IOSH Managing Safely course using these findings and understanding why businesses are giving their line managers health and safety training.