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Peer-to-peer learning for safety and health professionals

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We know that networking and collaborating with like-minded individuals to share knowledge and skills is invaluable. Mentoring is already being conducted across the world by IOSH members, so IOSH Mentoring is here to support this.

IOSH Mentoring is a safe, secure platform for you to connect and build relationships with other OSH professionals. Our platform has been developed in line with our new competency framework, which helps you identify gaps in knowledge and areas where you could benefit from and is the first of a range of exciting initiatives planned throughout 2020 to help better support the needs of IOSH members. 

You can sign up to IOSH Mentoring as either a mentee, a mentor, or both. As a mentee you'll be able to identify gaps in your knowledge, recognise how you can achieve your career aspirations, and learn from your experienced OSH professional mentor. As a mentor you'll be able to improve your leadership, communication and coaching skills, and develop your own skills through reverse mentoring. Both roles will allow you to maintain your CPD and increase your future employability.

If you're an IOSH member, start sharing your knowledge, skills and experience today.

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