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Ended with Response

Menopause and the workplace inquiry

About this consultation

The House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee launches a new inquiry, scrutinising existing legislation and workplace practices, and asking if enough is being done to address the issue.


The Government Equalities Office 2019 ‘roadmap’ on gender equality commits the Government to conduct research into “what works to improve women’s reproductive health, across the life course” and “develop indicators relating to women’s health experience and impact on their work.” The Government has also recently sought views to help inform the development of a Women’s Health Strategy. This inquiry examines the extent of discrimination faced by menopausal people in the workplace and investigates how Government policy and workplace practices can better support those experiencing menopause.

Consultation questions

The Committee is seeking written submissions addressing any or all of the following topics:

  • How can businesses factor in the needs of employees going through the menopause?
  • How can practices addressing workplace discrimination relating to menopause be implemented? For example, through guidance, advice, adjustments, or enforcement.
  • What are examples of best or most inclusive practices?
  • How should people who experience the menopause but do not identify as women be supported in relation to menopause and the workplace?
  • How well does current legislation protect women from discrimination in the workplace associated with the menopause?
  • Should current legislation be amended?
  • What further legislation is required to enable employers to put in place a workplace menopause policy to protect people going through the menopause whilst at work?
  • How effective has Government action been at addressing workplace discrimination related to the menopause, and what more can the Government do to address this issue?