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IOSH Blueprint

Progress as an OSH professional by identifying gaps in your knowledge

Transforming safety and health across the world

In 2019, we launched a new competency framework, which covers the skills, knowledge and behaviours that today’s OSH professionals need.  

In November 2022, we will be launching a new and enhanced version of Blueprint, aligned to the competency framework, to enhance your professional journey. Click here to explore the new features and the benefits it will bring to you as a member. 

IOSH Blueprint

Do you want to progress in your career as an OSH professional? IOSH Blueprint is the tool for you.

IOSH Blueprint will help you to review your current skills and knowledge and create a development plan to progress in your career as an OSH professional. It can identify significant gaps and the knowledge and training needed to achieve your goals.

IOSH Blueprint has been developed with OSH practitioners, training providers, academics and businesses. The tool takes you step by step through four key areas of skill and knowledge:

  • Engagement and influence
  • Strategy and planning
  • Sustainable business practice
  • Technical capability

Once you've completed your professional development plan, you can upload it to your CPD record easily online. 

For more information, download the IOSH Blueprint leaflet.

What do our members have to say about IOSH Blueprint?

''I used it to set my development objectives at work and have a development discussion with my manager. It's a great tool, whether you're starting out in health and safety or have years of experience.''

Elizabeth Skelton, Chartered Member

''I am using it actively as part of my development plan at work. I think the big selling point is that it can help you identify an area for development that previously you may not have thought about.''

Steven Osborn, Chartered Fellow

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You will need to register an account on the IOSH website to access Blueprint, you can do this for free on our register now page.