Application for financial assistance

Before completing the form, please read these notes carefully. If you have any questions about the Fund, please email: benevolentfund@iosh.com

Applications for grants from the Fund are always welcomed and are treated in total confidence.

Who can apply?
  • Current and previous IOSH members with at least one year of paid membership, their family members and dependents
  • Previous IOSH employees with a year’s service
What can I apply for help with?

The Trustees normally make one-off grants for specific items that cannot be funded from another source. In certain circumstances, Trustees may consider support for a specified period.

Each application will be judged on its merit. These are some examples of specific items that may be considered for full or partial funding;

  • Aids for temporary or permanent disability e.g. orthopaedic bed, electronic magnifier, stair lift, car adaptation, mobility scooter;
  • Aids to support on-going work/study where the government’s “Access to Work” support for aids and adaptations is not available (UK only).
  • Essential building repairs (after all other avenues have been pursued through local authorities);
  • Replacement of electrical/gas appliances;
  • Funeral and associated costs

This list is not exhaustive.

What will the Fund not help with?

The IOSH Benevolent Fund does not provide grants to cover

  • IOSH membership renewal
  • Personal or business debts
  • Legal costs
  • Private school fees
  • Home purchase
  • Repayment of loans
  • Private healthcare
  • Civil or criminal fines, court costs, victim surcharges etc
  • University fees

Support for training fees is not normally considered, except in circumstances where a career or lifestyle change is necessary, for example due to a health condition that prevents someone from continuing in their current role.

Support is not normally provided to undergraduate or postgraduate students looking for support with living expenses or tuition fees, where the IOSH Student Member Bursary exists for IOSH Student Members.


If you are looking for help to pay your IOSH membership renewal please refer to the IOSH Concessionary rates page.

How can I apply?

To apply for assistance from the Fund, please complete the application form below and download the finance form to your computer. You will need to email your completed finance form to benevolentfund@iosh.com when you have submitted your online application. Please complete both forms as fully as you can.

When you complete the online form please identify specific item(s) which would help to alleviate your current situation and try to be precise about the amount of money you are applying for. This will help the Trustees to make an informed decision.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact the team at benevolentfund@iosh.com.  We will be your point of contact during the course of the application process.

Your application

Personal details
Reason for your application
Employment and other information
What happens next

Please read the privacy and consent statements below and tick the box to confirm your agreement. When you click submit below, your application will be submitted to the IOSH Governance Team who will check your application for eligibility and completeness of information. The form does not automatically save to your device so if you are eligible to proceed we will email a copy of your submitted form to you for your records. Your application will be processed as soon as possible and usually within 25 days. An incomplete application may cause a delay.

Privacy statement

In accordance with the UK General Data Protection Regulation we will only use your personal data in connection with your application to the IOSH Benevolent Fund. We’ll always treat your personal details with the utmost care and will never pass them to a Third Party without your consent. Your information will be kept for as long as necessary to support the Benevolent Fund application and administration process.