Branches and Groups

IOSH offers industry-specific groups and local networks, supported and driven by committees of member volunteers. Our network of branches strengthens the relationship between IOSH and the global health and safety community at a local level. The IOSH groups bring together members with a shared interest or specialist area, to network and exchange information.

Our networks promote health and safety by organising meetings, conferences, workshops, site visits and webinars, which provide valuable professional development and networking opportunities.

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Volunteer Portal

If you are an IOSH volunteer for a Branch and/or Group, you have access to a variety of information and guidance about your role, meetings and events, toolkit for volunteers and any forms and templates that you may need, all on the Volunteer Portal.

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Join a branch or district committee

Executive committees are the driving force behind branches and districts. By volunteering on a network committee you will be supporting other members and promoting IOSH’s vision of a safer and healthier world of work.

Volunteering activity can also help you, as it can contribute to continuing professional development, and it’s a great way of building professional contacts. And of course, you can learn and develop skills that may be beneficial in other areas of your life.

Branches and districts look for volunteers as part of their AGM process, to sit on their executive committee. So, would you like to be a part of a committee and contribute to making the world of work a safer place? More information will be available when nominations open.

Committee roles:

The Chair - Is responsible for overall leadership of the executive committee, coordinating activities in support of IOSH’s aims and objectives. They are the main communication between the committee and the Relationship Manager at IOSH. They will develop a wide range of contacts, manage projects and people and oversee meetings and activities.

The Vice-Chair -  Provides assistance for the Chair in coordinating network activities and stands in to lead the executive committee when the Chair is not available. Many Chairs serve as Vice-Chairs in the year preceding their election as it is an excellent way of gaining experience and contacts.

The Secretary - Coordinates the administration of the network, ensuring all relevant documentation and correspondence is maintained. Will often be a key contact between the executive committee and the Relationship Manager at IOSH.

The Treasurer - Is responsible for maintaining the accounts of the network. Liaises with staff at IOSH regarding the committee's budget, expenditure and any other financial issues. Treasurers have the planning and people skills necessary to manage expenditure across the executive committee.

The Communications Coordinator - Takes responsibility for content on the website and acts as a contact point for news and information for digital staff at IOSH. Helps to promote key IOSH campaigns in addition to issues relevant to the network’s own interests. Comms Coordinators will gain experience in media planning, managing online content and ways to effectively reach an audience.

For more information about these roles and the committee please visit our Volunteer Portal.