Research reports
Research reports

Fatal collisions on the road

Fatal collisions on the road and safety and health: Using narrative data from coroners’ files to determine the extent of underestimation of fatal work-related road collisions in the Republic of Ireland (2016).

This report discusses how narrative data from coronial road traffic fatalities (RTF) files were utilised to assess the extent of underestimation of work-related RTFs captured through official road safety and health and safety data collection systems. This research was undertaken by University College Dublin.

This pre-recorded online webinar will help to have a better understanding of work-related road safety management. Being delivered by Anne Drummond Professor in Occupational Safety and Health in University College Dublin, Ireland and Mrs Deirdre Sinnott McFeat Policy Advisor and Work Related Vehicle Risk Management, this webinar will raise awareness of prevention strategies that can reduce the risk of work-related road traffic injuries and fatalities and will communicate relevant results based on an IOSH-funded research based on Coroner data in Ireland.

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