IPD route 1

This route is now closed to applicants

The following information is for IOSH members already enrolled on IPD route 1.

You’ve been enrolled to route 1 to Chartered membership. This means that you’ve already demonstrated your academic ability. Being a Chartered Member means being an all-round practitioner, so you now need to demonstrate your practical health and safety skills. Watch this video on how to get started.

How will I complete my IPD?


Skills Development Portfolio (SDP)

First, you will need to complete your SPD, which is produced electronically via MyIOSH - MyIPD. You start by selecting seven criteria from five elements. You can work through the criteria in any order and each one can be submitted individually for assessment. The assessment timeframe is approximately two to three weeks.

If a criterion is accepted or locked, you can start on the next one. If changes are required, the Assessor will provide feedback on what additional information is required. You can then amend your submission and re-submit. There is no maximum number of times you can submit an individual criterion.

Here are a few items for you to download to help you complete your SDP:

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Once you have completed your Skills Development Portfolio, IOSH will conduct an audit of your online CPD. This is to verify that you have been updating and maintaining your knowledge and skills as a health and safety professional.

The Auditor will check that your CPD record meets the standard of compliance. This means that you must have updated it online in the last six months, must have a meaningful development plan and must have a minimum of six activities a year, each with a reflective account. You will need to pass the CPD audit before you can book your Peer Review Interview. This video explains more about the CPD audit.

Peer Review Interview (PRI)

The final step of the IPD process is the Peer Review Interview (PRI). This will consist of you giving a ten-minute presentation to a panel of volunteers who are either Chartered members or Chartered Fellows, then answering a number of questions designed to assess your underpinning knowledge in health and safety and your application to practise. For guidance, download the PRI steps and you can watch this short video.

If you are successful at your PRI, you will be transferred to Chartered status.