Initial Professional Development (IPD)

IOSH Chartered status shows employers, recruiters, customers and peers you’re at the top of your game.

All Certified Members can make their experience count and progress to Chartered status with our Initial Professional Development (IPD) scheme.

IPD includes an assessment process, continuing professional development (CPD) review and Peer Review Interview to measure applicants’ knowledge, commitment and experience.

Members who successfully complete the process will achieve IOSH Chartered membership. Below are some of the rewards:

  • improve your ability to influence decision-makers
  • gain international recognition
  • work on an equal footing with other professionals
  • increase your future employability.

What is IOSH IPD?

IPD is a one-off assessment process IOSH Certified Members must go through to become Chartered.

Certified Members will take one of the three current routes, depending on the qualification they achieved to reach their current grade. 

All registered members are supported throughout the process and given two years to complete the assessment stage of IPD.

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