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What do workers need to know about solar radiation?

You should minimise risks from working in the sun by taking necessary precautions.

Tips for workers

  • Avoid or minimise your exposure to direct sunlight in the middle part of the day.
  • Ensure you regularly swap job roles, so you spend some time in the shade.
  • Use heavy duty cover when working outdoors.
    Take rest breaks in shaded areas or indoors.
  • Use protective films or tints on plain glass vehicle windows when driving in high-ultraviolet (UV) months.
  • Use air-conditioning to help cool areas and your skin.
  • Raise awareness of solar radiation to colleagues through toolbox talks.
  • Wear long-sleeved, loose-fitting tops and trousers when working outdoors.
  • Wear wide-brimmed hats that shade the face, head, ears and necks.
  • Choose a safety helmet with a fitted neck flap if a safety helmet is required to carry out work.
  • Wear sunglasses or UV-filtering safety goggles.
  • Frequently apply high-factor sunscreen to body parts that cannot be covered, such as hands, face, and lips.
  • Do regular checks to look out for moles or other skin differences. You should look for:
    • new growths
    • changes in shape, size, colour or texture of existing moles or spots
    • sores or spots that do not heal
    • spots that look different to other spots in the same area.

Report any concerns to your manager, a medical professional, or your workplace occupational health provider.