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Steering Group members

Supporting the Future Leaders Community

The Future Leaders Community is supported by the Future Leaders Steering Group. They help make sure content, resources and events are relevant for the Community. Read about our current and former members below.

Current members

Abdul Hai CMIOSH – facilities management

Health and Safety Auditor, NEOM

Abdul supports his sector in managing operational facilities safely by auditing and using creative techniques in improving health and safety practice leading to compliance with internal, local, and international standards governing health and safety.

Abdul is currently studying a BSc Hons in Occupational Health and Safety Management from Atlantic Technological University, Sligo, and was able to progress to be a Chartered member of IOSH at the age of 25.

Abdul has been mentoring and supporting tens of young and new OHS practitioners in achieving NEBOSH international diplomas and certificates and upgrading their IOSH memberships by sharing his knowledge, experience and giving motivational messages through social media privately.

By being part of Future Leaders Steering Group, Abdul intends to use his competency in shaping the future of upcoming health and safety professionals globally and support IOSH in achieving the goal of a safer workplace.

Abhijith Jose AIOSH – consultancy 

Safety Instructor, Drydocks World, Dubai LLC

Abhijith, who graduated as a Mechanical Engineer, started his occupational safety and health (OSH) career in 2021 as a health, safety and environment (HSE)  Trainer and Inspection Engineer in Dubai, UAE. Since then he has been active in the OSH profession with safety training being his speciality. He has been delivering safety training to people working in different sectors inside and outside the country.

Abhijith is an Associate Member of IOSH and is working on progressing his membership category to show his commitment to the OSH profession. He has been certified by NEBOSH, IOSH, IPAF and PASMA and has a high passion for learning more and being more competent in OSH. 

Abhijith is excited to join the FLC Steering Group hoping to connect with like minded professionals. He wants to share his knowledge on various safety topics and to encourage, guide and learn from OSH professionals. He is happy to work with IOSH to support its vision and future OSH professionals.

Abigail Tweneboah TechIOSH – construction 

Safety, Health and Environment Supervisor, NMS Infrastructure Limited

Abigail is a Technical Member of IOSH who aspires to become a Chartered Member as she advances in her career in OSH.

She is passionate about her work and intends to increase awareness of safety and health in the workplace and beyond.

Abigail is delighted to be part of the FLC Steering Group where she can shape the future of OSH professionals and learn from fellow safety and health professionals.




Alanah Campbell TechIOSH– manufacturing 

EHS Officer, West Fraser

Alanah decided during the Covid pandemic that she wanted to change careers into safety and health, and self-funded numerous courses to enable this to happen. She is passionate about encouraging women into safety and encouraging it as a first-choice career option for others. 

Currently a Technical Member of IOSH, Alanah is studying her Level 6 NVQ to allow her to progress to Graduate and then onto Chartered within the next 18 months. Alanah has previously been involved with the IOSH mentoring programme which she found hugely beneficial in progressing within her career. 

Alanah is excited to join the FLC Steering Group to connect with like-minded people and to help encourage others into a career within occupational safety and health. 

Alex Cowling GradIOSH – veterinary 

Health and Safety Advisor, CVS Group Plc

Alex started her career with a degree in Veterinary Nursing from Edinburgh Napier University and worked in small animal, equine and large animal practices for around 10 years before becoming a Health and Safety Coordinator for a large veterinary buying group, CVS Group Plc in 2017.

She was promoted to Health and Safety Advisor in 2019 and gained her NCRQ Diploma in Applied Health and Safety in 2021. She now looks after the health and safety of veterinary professionals and their clients across the North East of England, Scotland and the Netherlands.

Veterinary medicine is one of the most dangerous industries to work in outside of the armed forces, and Alex is currently completing certificates in canine and feline behaviour to be able to better advise veterinary professionals on keeping themselves safe around unpredictable patients.

Although she has not had a great amount of involvement in IOSH before now other than attending some continuing professional development (CPD) events, she is looking forward to becoming more involved and contributing to the FLC Steering Group as well as learning about different industries and meeting many new faces.

Amber Colclough GradIOSH – education 

Health and Safety Business Partner, Durham University

Amber starter her career in health and safety at Durham University as a Coordinator in the Estates Department in a voluntary role. Quickly realising it was something she was interested in, she studied for the NEBOSH Certificate and Diploma. Amber is now the Health and Safety Business Partner and provides support and guidance to enable research in her given area.

Amber currently attends IOSH Tyne and Wear Branch events and works closely with the Chair. Amber is looking forward to learning from peers and sharing best practices to strive for continuous improvement. Amber has successfully completed her initial professional development (IPD) and peer-review interview in May 2023 for Chartered status.


Carly Hughes GradIOSH – consultancy 

Health and Safety Consultant, SHE Advises Ltd

Carly has worked in safety and health since finishing college at the age of 18. Her experience varies across a number of sectors, including oil and gas, renewable energy, manufacturing, utilities and construction. She has worked on a number of large scale projects throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and London.

Having passed her NEBOSH General and Construction Certificates, and more recently the NCRQ Level 6 Diploma in Applied Health and Safety, Carly has achieved Graduate Membership with IOSH and is working towards Chartered status this year. Carly has also recently been appointed as Communications Officer for IOSH's East Anglia Branch.

Carly has a passion for helping people and promoting safe working practices in the workplace.

Carly is very much looking forward to promoting the safety and health industry as a first career choice, as well as encouraging more females to enter the construction sector, breaking the stigma that is associated with safety and health.

Charles Fidler GradIOSH – automotive 

Health and Safety Partner, Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team

Charles’ background is in behavioural safety, in particular safety culture and training. Joining Mercedes in December 2022, Charles supports the safe working of the factory and is the partner to a number of departments. Prior to this, he was working for Tesco, delivering behavioural safety leadership training and safety culture workshops to the retail and distribution areas of the business. Charles also launched a safety culture framework across the Tesco business in the UK, Republic of Ireland and central Europe.

Charles is excited about creating authentic relationships so that all colleagues feel they have a safe working environment and can raise concerns. He believes the key foundation for this is through the creation of a psychologically safe workplace.

Charles is currently a Graduate Member of IOSH and is working towards achieving his Chartered status this year. With that in mind, Charles wants to bring the safety community together so that there are plenty of opportunities for all young safety professionals to collaborate, share ideas and build networks with like-minded people, so that everyone feels the full value of the FLC Steering Group. 

Debbie Daws TechIOSH – aviation 

Health and Safety Manager, London Southend Airport

Debbie first encountered a role within safety and health at the Francis Crick Institute, where she studied for her NEBOSH certificate in occupational health and safety, and the passion grew from there.

Debbie is a Technical Member of IOSH, with a goal set to become a Graduate Member within the next two years. Debbie has found IOSH literature and webinars to be extremely useful in developing herself as a health and safety professional and gaining knowledge.

The Future Leaders virtual conference in 2022 was a great experience and inspired Debbie to apply to be a member of the Steering Group. Debbie looks forward to giving back to the community and supporting Future Leaders as part of her role.

Dylan Jones GradIOSH – postal service 

Safety Advisor, Royal Mail

Dylan joined the company in 2013 as a postman for two years, followed by seven years in operations management. He was always interested in OSH and was the safety lead in his management team. In January 2020, Dylan started studying for safety qualifications outside of work. By March 2022, he gained a NEBOSH Diploma and was offered the safety advisor role covering Kent, East Sussex and South London.

Outside of work Dylan is involved in local politics and has a Masters degree in international politics.

Dylan’s currently a Graduate Member of IOSH and is working through the IPD programme to attain Chartered membership. The FLC Steering Group is a great opportunity for him to provide content and guidance for other young and new members. Dylan is also interested in the networking opportunities the role offers.

Fiona Fullerton – offshore 

HSE Specialist, SLB

Fiona originally studied geography and geoscience but moved into HSE a year after graduating. Fiona has worked through SLB’s internal HSE training programme which has allowed her to gain a wealth of knowledge and experience. Last year Fiona completed the NEBOSH diploma having previously completed the NEBOSH General Certificate.

Fiona is currently progressing towards Chartered status as the next step in her career.

Her goal is to change the way people perceive OSH ensuring everyone goes home safe each day. She thrives on providing practical solutions with people first decision making at the forefront and challenging the norms to create a safer working environment.

Fiona is privileged to become part of the FLC Steering Group to encourage and inspire the next generation of professionals and develop her own knowledge and skills.

Gary Cifelli CMIOSH – construction 

Senior Health and Safety Advisor, Defence Infrastructure Organisation

Gary gained an interest in safety and health whilst working within logistics. Having made the decision to explore a career in OSH and to develop himself and his career further, he studied both NEBOSH Certificate and Diploma qualifications.

A driven leader with a focus on employee engagement and development, Gary has worked across various industries including logistics, central government, facilities management and construction.

Gary is a Chartered Member of IOSH and an active member of his local branch, supporting others to gain Chartered membership.

Gary has supported and mentored like-minded individuals with a passion for safety and health and is looking forward to supporting those keen to enter and succeed within the industry. 

Joseph Bradford GradIOSH – union 

Union Representative

Joey is based in Vancouver and has more than 10 years' experience working for unions in New Zealand, Australia, UK and Canada.  

He has qualifications in safety and health, human rights and geography, with a passion for improving the rights and protections of workers.  

This is Joey's first role with IOSH and is looking forward to sharing his knowledge, skills and ideas with others. 




Mathew Cooper – environmental  

Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) Apprentice, URM (UK) Ltd

Mathew works in the waste management industry, focusing on glass recycling. He moved into a safety and health career path after working as a supervisor and finding inspiration in having responsibilities for the wellbeing of his colleagues.

Mathew is studying a Level 3 Health, Safety and Environment Technician course with Springfield Training as an IOSH student. He has the aim of completing his apprenticeship, obtaining a NEBOSH General Certificate and enrolling in a Diploma-level course to become an IOSH Graduate Member.

He is excited to join the FLC Steering Group, hoping to inspire and guide those who are looking to start or have just started a role with occupational safety and health responsibilities.

Midhun Subramanian CMIOSH – facilities 

HSE Manager, EFS Facility Management Service

Midhun has a Bachelor’s degree in mechatronics engineering. He is a Chartered member of IOSH and Certified Safety Professional from BCSP, and is on the pathway towards a Masters in OSH.

He is an active participant in local volunteering programs, especially working closely with young HSE professionals. He has experienced amazing results from the IOSH mentoring program and strongly believes in the benefits it can have on a budding HSE professional.

Midhun is excited to be part of FLC Steering Group and is looking forward to working with worldwide future leaders in the field.


Mohammed Bhaaaldien Almubark GradIOSH – logistics and retail 

Health, Safety and Environment Officer, SUTRAC

Mohammed holds a BSc in electrical engineering and has a passion for environment and climate advocacy. He is working within the secretary team of YOUNGO Finance and Markets working group and YOUNGO Ocean's Voice Community Management team, and represents Sudan as an African front within World’s Youth for Climate Justice.

His passion is to promote safety and health careers to those who are interested, to guide and advise them to further their development journey at national and international levels.

Mohammed aims to enhance their skills and capacity to lead the future of the safety and health profession confidently and efficiently. He wishes to add genuine value to the FLC through a commitment to the role and responsibilities ethically and respectively.

Niall Rachman GradIOSH – consultancy 

Health and Safety Consultant, Citation

Niall works directly with small and medium-sized businesses across the central belt of Scotland. Niall spends most of his working day out and about advising clients across multiple sectors on their health and safety responsibilities.

Originally, Niall had no goal or aspiration to work in safety. He firstly completed his Masters in international business with modern languages and has since followed many before him by 'falling' into the safety industry. 

Niall is looking forward to assisting the FLC Steering Group, with particular interest in shaping the future for young people entering the OSH labour force. Niall aspires to create a group that nurtures hidden safety talent from a young age, to give the earliest and best start in safety and health by providing a strong support network.

Nishma Mistry – public services

Safety Strategy Lead, Transport for London (TfL)

Nishma is developing and implementing the safety, health and environment (SHE) culture and strategy across TfL. She is also working to set the vision, strategy and priorities for safety, health and environment leadership.

Nishma has recently been appointed as a UN Women UK delegate volunteer, leading on strategic recommendations and policy to promote gender equality and empowerment of women. Nishma builds supportive networks to help break down barriers and create a safe space where everyone belongs and thrives.

Nishma believes the FLC Steering Group is a fantastic network to not only build on her existing experience as a leader but also a way to give back to support and help grow and prepare our future leaders. Nishma believes in inclusivity, collaboration, innovation, sharing experiences and knowledge to build a stronger safety, health and environment community.

Peter Mugi GradIOSH – consultancy 

Compliance Coordinator, Premier Risk Services

Peter’s path to a career in health, safety and environmental management began by completing a degree in this subject. During his studies, he received the opportunity to intern as a Health and Safety Professional at Texas A&M University, Qatar.

His current role involves working with a plethora of clients across the UK in sectors ranging from construction to hospitality, to ensure health, safety and environmental compliance is achieved and maintained.

Peter currently holds IOSH Graduate Membership, aiming to be Chartered as his next step in the profession. He is looking forward to working with other young professionals to promote the OSH profession and diversity in the field.


Tor Bennett Williams CMIOSH – automotive 

Occupational Health and Safety Partner, Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1

Tor became a Chartered Member of IOSH in February 2022 whilst working at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, and wanted to become more involved with the Institution.

His passion for safety and helping local communities drove him to join his local branch and, in the summer of 2022, he became a committee member for the Midland West District Branch.

Still being rather fresh into the world of safety, Tor is looking forward to developing clear pathways and opportunities for other upcoming health and safety practitioners by providing social cohesion and working as a collective with the opportunity to enhance grass roots. He is looking forward to working with keen, fresh professionals which can help to shape true leaders, develop key skills and work towards a common goal: sustainability.

Former members

We would like to say a huge thank you to the Future Leaders Community Steering Group for 2021-2023. Through their hard work and committed volunteering they played a key role in supporting the Future Leaders Community. They delivered a large variety of resources ranging from podcasts to Future Leaders conference, meeting members at expos and inviting expert speakers to webinars, and much more in between.

  • Abdulhanan Cheema – Health, Safety and Environment Representative, AlFadhili Field Housing
  • Adam Gawne – Health, Safety and Environment Advisor, Gentoo Group
  • Alpa Aghera – Health and Safety Advisor, Citizen
  • Badar Kareem – Head of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality, Gerry's dnata
  • Ellis Fenwick – Health, Safety and Environment Advisor, Luminate Education Group
  • Faye Harrison – Health and Safety Apprentice, Caerphilly County Borough Council
  • Joshua Callaway – Graduate Operations Manager, Thames Water
  • Kesi Randon – Health and Safety Auditor, CHAS
  • Louis Simo – Health, Safety and Wellbeing Manager, Mace Group
  • Lucia Rivolta – Global Health and Safety Manager, Criteo
  • Megan Coleman – Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Advisor, RSK Group
  • Nicole Morrison – Health, Safety and Environment Advisor, Travis Perkins
  • Peter Jenkins – Group Health and Safety Manager, Dalziel
  • Rebbekah Wilson – Risk and Compliance Manager, Goodwin Development Trust
  • Samantha Banfield – Health and Safety Advisor, Siemens Mobility
  • Shamim Bukenya – Health and Safety Advisor, Landsec
  • Sheena O'Brien – Health and Safety Specialist, Sun International
  • Tom Elsom – Health and Safety Manager, TMJ Interiors
  • Tristin Morrison – Risk Control Advisor and Co-ordinator, Premier Risk Services