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The Future Leaders Community is supported by the Future Leaders Steering Group. They help make sure content, resources and events are relevant for the Community.

Abdulhanan Cheema | Construction and Facility Management

Abdulhanan Cheema

Abdulhanan Cheema is the Health, Safety and Environment representative for AlFadhili Field Housing for Real Estate Development Company (Aramco JV). He brings knowledge of his GCC experience from various facets of construction and facility management sector.

He is passionate about the work he does and is always looking for opportunities to raise awareness about safety in the workplace and beyond. He is very excited to join IOSH Future Leaders Steering Group. He has participated in various aspects of OSH discipline ranging from design, compliance and auditing etc. He is particularly proud of completing a multibillion riyal grassroots project with more than eleven million man-hours without Loss Time incident.

He holds a BSc Industrial Engineering and is a candidate for MSc Occupational Health at McGill University. 

Adam Gawne | Housing

Adam started his health and safety career in 2021 as a Health and Safety Officer for Newcastle College and progressed in 2022 to start a new role as Health, Safety and Environment Advisor for Gentoo Group, a large housing association in Sunderland. Previously Adam had been working full time in higher education for 10 years. 

Adam has become highly active with IOSH, not only being a member of the Future Leaders Community Steering Group, but also part of the Tyne and Wear Branch Executive Committee. 

After one year as part of the FL Steering Group, Adam continues to look forward to helping those who are looking to start their OSH career and ensure those new to the sector are able to become the next set of leaders. In particular how professionals can develop soft 'power' skills which are extremely important as the health and safety role changes to a modern work environments. 

Alpa Aghera | Education

Alpa Aghera

Alpa Aghera – Tech IOSH

Alpa currently holds the position of Health & Safety Advisor at Citizen which is a social housing provider within the West Midlands that owns and manages 30,000 homes for diverse communities from urban tower blocks to rural villages and towns.

Alpa is relatively new to Health and Safety and has an extensive background within the Travel Industry. When looking for a career change, she knew that she wanted her interpersonal skills to be at the heart of her new career, Health and Safety ticked those boxes.

In a short space of time, Alpa has been fortunate to build up her knowledge within the hospitality and financial industries. Her approach to health and safety is about thinking outside the box and adapting to the situation at hand.

Alpa is excited about joining IOSH’s Future Leader Community Steering Group as she is passionate about inspiring and sharing her experience in overcoming barriers on the outlook of the ‘traditional’ OSH professional and collaborating with like-minded people.

Badar Kareem | Aviation

Badar Kareem

Head of Health Safety Environment & Quality – Gerry’s dnata

Badar is a methodical and solution-oriented Health Safety Environmental Quality Management Professional, with over 08 years of diverse experience in leading multinational companies. His experience within HSEQ cuts across Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical and Aviation industries. As a part of the Leadership Team, Badar heads the HSEQ function for dnata in Pakistan.

Badar is a keen learner, always focused on developing himself and others around him. He has recently completed his Level-6 Diploma in OHS and attained his Grad IOSH status. Being a member of IOSH has helped Badar structure his career in line with his career aspirations. He now aims to steer his development journey towards attaining his CMIOSH status.

Badar is excited to work with the IOSH’s Future Leaders Community Group, to make a meaningful contribution in supporting the development of fellow professionals and shaping the future of the OSH profession.

Ellis Fenwick | Education

Ellis Fenwick

Health, Safety and Environmental Advisor - Luminate Education Group

With a degree in Physical Geography, Ellis never imagined that she would end up within the Occupational Safety and Health profession. However, after completing her NEBOSH General Certificate Ellis’ passion for Health and Safety was ignited! Some 3.5 years later Ellis regularly attends IOSH branch meetings and events (the IOSH Future Young Leaders being her favourite of course!) Ellis is now hoping to give something back to the Health and Safety community which made has made her feel so welcome…

Ellis is looking forward to expanding her knowledge and sharing her passion for Health and Safety with her peers and hopes to make a positive contribution to the next generation of OSH professionals.

Faye Harrison | Public Services

Faye Harrison

Health and Safety Apprentice – Caerphilly County Borough Council

Faye is employed with Caerphilly County Borough Council as a health and safety apprentice. Joining straight from college, she knew health and safety was the right career path for her after completing work experience with a Pharmaceutical company. She enjoyed the scope of the role and its importance to those working around her.

She is currently a student member of IOSH but will be using her NEBOSH General Certificate to upgrade to Associate Membership. She hopes to enrol on a Diploma level qualification to become a Chartered Member within the next five years.

Faye is excited to be part of the IOSH future leadership community and is looking forward to helping inspire others to kickstart a career in the health and safety profession.

Joshua Callaway | Utilities

Joshua Callaway

Graduate Operations Manager – Thames Water

Josh is currently a graduate operations manager based at Beckton STW, the largest Sewage Treatment Works in Europe. Whilst working with millions of litres of London’s sewage every day is not everyone’s cup of tea – Josh finds it a real privilege to be safeguarding the city and the River Thames for future generations to come.

Josh’s personal passion lies in making Health and Safety a participatory and accessible facet of all daily operations – ensuring that practical solutions led from the ground up are embedded into every decision.

Josh recently completed his NEBOSH General certificate and holds experience in chairing divisional safety steering groups. Whilst currently an Affiliate Member, Josh looks to gain additional qualification and hands-on experience throughout his graduate scheme. He is excited to join the Future Leaders team to help demonstrate that Health and Safety is an integral, dynamic, and engaging world to work in.

Kesi Randon | Legal/ Consultancy

Kesi Randon

Kesi is currently working for CHAS Ltd as a H&S Auditor. She originally studied Civil Engineering and but moved into Health and Safety shortly after her masters. Kesi grew up in North Kensington and felt drawn to Health and Safety after Grenfell Tower Fire as she experienced first-hand what happens when Health and Safety is not made a priority.

As a black neurodiverse woman, Kesi has always felt under-represented in the construction industry and wants to help change this. In this new role she hopes to bring insights and attract a more diverse range of new talent into Health and Safety. She is currently an IOSH Technical Member and attends various seminars with a keen focus on Wellbeing, Design and Fire Safety.

Louis Simo | Construction

Louis Simo

Louis Simo, Health and Safety & Wellbeing Manager - Mace Group

Louis is currently working across iconic construction projects in the city of London. His path into OSH profession began at the National University of Ireland in Galway when he became interested in laboratory safety and risk management completing a degree in Chemistry, followed by a Master’s in Occupational Health and Safety in 2016.

Louis was fortunate to begin his professional career as Health & Safety Assistant in Construction and with support of industry leading mentors, soon transitioning into management roles. As a member of IOSH Construction and IOSH Metropolitan Groups it provides him with invaluable resources to become a Chartered Member.

Louis believes IOSH Future Leaders Community Steering Group is a fantastic network to give back, communicate with young leaders of tomorrow and make a difference. We have a key role to embrace collaboration, promote innovation and share experiences and knowledge across the sectors. Different challenges require different solutions, and a fresh perspective can be a very powerful tool.

Lucia Rivolta | Technology

Lucia Rivolta

Global Health and Safety Manager – Criteo

Lucia is currently employed as Global Health and Safety Manager at Criteo, a French ad-tech multinational company. She develops the company HSSE strategy and ensures global (30+ locations worldwide) regulatory compliance and the promotion of the H&S for all employees. This opportunity was facilitated by the completion of the NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety, gained in 2018.

Lucia has a keen interest in employee wellbeing, and a real trust in procedures because of their impact in promoting safe behaviors and culture within the workplace. Lucia is currently an Affiliate Member of IOSH but she aims to become a Tech IOSH in the next few years.

Lucia is honored to be part of the IOSH Future Leadership Community and to have the opportunity to give back to this sector, supporting professionals looking to start a career in health and safety.

Megan Coleman | Consultancy / Environmental

Megan is a Safety, Health, Environmental & Quality (SHEQ) Advisor for RSK Group. RSK Group is the UK’s largest privately-owned multi-disciplinary environmental consultancy and one of the fastest growing companies of its kind in Europe. Megan’s role within the SHEQ Team at RSK is in the Geosciences and Engineering Division, covering works across the UK.

Megan is a Technical Member of IOSH with a goal of becoming a Graduate member and then on to Chartered as the next step in her health and safety career. Megan is part of the IOSH Mentoring Programme which has provided her with invaluable mentoring, support, development of skills and increasing assertiveness and confidence in the profession.   

Megan is privileged to be a part of the IOSH Future Leaders Community Steering Group to be able to be part of shaping the future for OSH professionals, while continuing to expand her own knowledge and learning from fellow health and safety professionals within their own industries.

Nicole Morrison | Retail (construction)

Nicole Morrison

HSE Advisor (Systems & Projects) - Travis Perkins plc

Nicole started her OSH career in 2018 with Travis Perkins Plc, the UKs largest distributor of building materials, and has gained a wealth of experience working across the Group which includes Travis Perkins Builders Merchants, Toolstation and other specialist merchants.

She has worked on large scale projects investigating how the businesses can continue to improve their safety performance through deep dive assurance reviews into specific risk
areas as well as supporting the ongoing development of the Group’s Social Distancing Principles.

Working at various levels across the business Nicole also supports sites across Scotland and completed a situation analysis for Toolstation Europe enabling them to create a safety management system for their growing branch and Distribution Centre network.

Nicole is a driven individual and is currently in the process of completing her NVQ Level VI in Occupational Health and Safety Practice. She is passionate about making safety more
engaging and removing the stigma associated with the profession. Nicole is excited to be part of the Future Leaders community to share experiences with others and work with IOSH to support future OSH professionals in their careers

Peter Jenkins | Manufacturing

Peter Jenkins

Peter is Group Health and Safety Manager at Dalziel Ltd, a UK-wide food & packaging manufacturer and butchery supplier, designing and implementing transformational Health and Safety strategy, processes and structure.

Based on a desire to bring positive, scalable change to the world, Peter’s career started in developing the power skills of 16-18 year olds across the United Kingdom, moving to Environment Health in the public sector, and progressing into Health and Safety in the private 6 years ago. He has recently completed his PG Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Management and gained GradIOSH status.

In a time of global socioeconomic challenges, (new and emergent) health and safety professionals are in an unprecedented situation, what we do in the aftermath of the most unifying public health and safety crisis of the century could resonate for years to come. Peter hopes to facilitate that response as an industry, a body, and as a collective of professionals, to define and structure the future of occupational safety and health.

Rebbekah Wilson | Public Services

Risk & Compliance Manager for Goodwin Development Trust Ltd.

Rebbekah’s Health & Safety goal is to inspire people to think about OSH in a different, much more engaging way and her favourite saying is ‘what if common sense didn’t exist?’.  

Rebbekah is currently an IOSH student member looking to progress further upon completion of the NEBOSH national diploma she is currently studying. Her studies are enabling her to affect positive change to staff health, safety and wellbeing within her organisation, something which she feels very passionate about.  

Rebbekah's interest in Health and Safety grew from her involvement in Facilities Management and peaked when asked to assist on planning a visit from HRH Prince of Wales.

Rebbekah is excited to join the FLC steering group to encourage the next generation of OSH professionals and to develop her own knowledge within this ever-changing sector.  

Samantha Banfield | Rail

Samantha Banfield

Samantha is a Health and Safety Advisor for Siemens Mobility, supporting their Railway Infrastructure improvement works in the North West of England.  Following completion of a MSc in Safety, Health and Environment, Samantha began her career in the rail industry in 2020, supporting the Network Rail Infrastructure Maintenance. 

Samantha is a Graduate member of IOSH and has found access to IOSH’s research and literature an invaluable resource throughout her studies and early career. IOSH’s networking and webinar events continue to play a part in making her feel connected to other professionals in the industry, especially during the pandemic. 

Samantha is hoping to bring her experience that has come from being a recent student, progressing to a safety professional, to encourage, guide, and learn colleagues in the industry as part of the  IOSH Future Leadership Community. 

Shamim Bukenya | Real Estate

Shamim Bukenya is works as a Health and Safety Advisor at Landsec and is also a Technical Member of IOSH. Being part of the future leaders community has had a profound impact on Shamim and volunteering will give her a chance to give back to the community. She is especially looking forward to supporting and mentoring new entrants in the profession as they find their way through the ever-changing industry. She is also hoping to inspire and be a representation for people of a minority background in order to attract diverse talent into the profession. 

Sheena O'Brien | Gaming and Hospitality

Sheena O'Brien

Health and Safety Specialist – Sun International

Sheena is the group Risk Manager for Sun International, a leading Gaming and Hospitality company in South Africa. She ensures that enterprise risk management is effectively facilitated and seen as being a value adding driver by enabling the achievement of the organisation's strategic objectives.  

Before making the career change into enterprise risk, she specialised in health, safety and wellbeing which remains a passion for her. We are social beings and businesses cannot survive without their people, therefore protecting them is of the utmost importance. Over the course of 12 years, she worked her way up the corporate ladder, upskilling herself along the way. IOSH contributed to her journey by granting Graduate membership and providing access to a wealth of knowledge and resources.  

Sheena joined the FLC Steering Group to learn from likeminded individuals and contribute towards shaping a new future for the profession that is aligned with sustainable practices, and to influence global change by empowering future leaders to drive sustainable health, safety and wellbeing agendas in their organisations. .

Tom Elsom | Manufacturing and Construction

Tom Elsom is a Health & Safety Manager at TMJ Interiors, a specialist in joinery manufacture and construction. Tom started his career with a focus on environmental management in construction and recycling industries before moving into a health and safety role. 

Tom will soon complete his NEBOSH Diploma and is looking to progress from a Technical member of IOSH to Graduate and then Chartered, through the IPD process. Tom has seen the value of being a member of IOSH after being involved in the membership grade review and contributing to a coronavirus case study.  

He feels it is important that the profession continues to emphasize the human and health effects of work, which is something he hopes to do through his career and by joining the steering group.  

Tristin Morrison | Consultancy

Tristin Morrison

Risk Control Advisor & Co-ordinator- Premier Risk Services

Whether it’s working closely with leading developers in the housing sector, supporting multi-national manufacturing firms, or operating on ground level for the £9 Billion overhaul of Battersea Power Station, Tristin is always finding ways to push himself and not only develop his own understanding H&S, but provide his clients at Premier Risk Services with a professional and reliable consulting service unlike any other.

After completing his BSc in Safety, Health & Environmental Management, Tristin succeeded in gaining his NEBOSH National Certificate in Fire Safety & Risk Management, and is now pursuing his NEBOSH Certificate in Construction Safety, while also completing an MSc in International Business Management.

Tristin’s enthusiasm for not only understanding the diverse world of H&S around him, but for also helping graduates make the transition into what can be a challenging environment for young professionals, is what made him join the IOSH Future Leaders Steering Group for 2021-23.


Former Future Leaders Community Steering Group

2020 - 2021

We would like to say a huge thank you to the Future Leaders Community Steering Group for 2020-2021. Through their hard work and committed volunteering they played a key role in shaping the Future Leaders Community. They helped launch the community to the membership and directly supported with the planning and delivering the inaugural Future Leaders Conference.

Chloe Hughes - Health and Safety Graduate, Rolls-Royce

Hayley Wright - OHSE Audit & Assurance Lead at Defence Equipment & Support, Ministry of Defence

James MacPherson - HSE Manager, Glass and Glazing Federation

Jason Kamalu - Health Safety & Environment Manager, Wacot Ltd

Liam Kelly - Lead SHEQ Advisor, Actavo

Phillip Lancashire - Health and Safety Advisor, Games Workshop

Robert Jukes - Health, Safety and Environment Manager, Wax Lyrical

Sunit Atwal - London Regional Health and Safety Manager, Unite Students