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Volunteer led webinars/virtual meetings

Check out our online sessions on a range of topics hosted by our branches and groups

Our volunteer-led branches and groups regularly run virtual speaker meetings and webinars on a range of OSH topics and industry specific issues.

What's a webinar?

Our webinars are focused on providing technical information to larger audiences where you can hear from speakers on a range of relevant subject matter.

No audio rights are available to attendees in these sessions, but you can get involved and put questions to speakers/panellists via the Q&A function.

What's a Zoom meeting?

Our Zoom meetings are smaller sessions which provide an interactive platform for you to hear from speakers on specific content, but also get involved in robust discussions and network with other OSH professionals joining the sessions.


Upcoming webinars/meetings led by our volunteers

September events

Mock trial
Event type: In-person
Date: Thursday 29 September
Time: 09:00 BST
Venue: Port Vale Football Club, Vale Park Hamil Road, Stoke-On-Trent ST6 1AW
Branch: Staffordshire Branch

A unique opportunity to participate in a real-life example of a Mock Trial of a construction contractor. This face-to-face event will be an amazing opportunity to analyse and determine the evidence and is being hosted at Port Vale Football Club.

Wellness at work: A legal perspective
Event type: Zoom meeting
Date: Thursday 29 September
Time: 13:00 BST
Branch: West of Scotland Branch

Our presenters will be reviewing the regulatory and civil perspectives of wellness at work. Topics will include duties of employers, breach of duty, foreseeability, causation and steps that may be required from businesses to minimise risk of harm to employees.

October events

An insight into how to design, build, innovate, implement and launch a Safety Management System
Event type: Zoom meeting
Date: Monday 03 October
Time: 13:00 BST
Branch: Essex Branch

"It's been a rough ride, but we've finally launched our Safety Management Software!" We've streamlined our processes and made safety reporting simple and intuitive. We're #empowering our leaders, informing decision making and embedding safety into the DNA of everyone at British Transport Police!

Navigating your professional journey with IOSH
Event type: Zoom meeting
Date: Monday 03 October
Time: 17:00 BST
Branch: Essex and Chiltern Joint Meeting

Tracey Steans, IOSH Professional Development and Standards Manager, will be joining us to present the latest information around the topic of the professional journey programme. This event will be an opportunity to understand the impacts for us as individual IOSH members, our organisations and for the wider OSH profession.

Implementing process safety
Event type: Zoom meeting
Date: Wednesday 05 October
Time: 19:30 GST / 16:30 BST
Branch: Oman Branch

The presentation will examine how processes safety makes a significant contribution to risk reduction and mitigation and how it can influence the lifecycle of projects from conception, through construction to commissioning, operation and decommissioning.

Branch Meeting and TED Talks
Event Type: In-person
Date: Monday 10 October
Time: 18:45 – 20:45 BST
Venue: Condor Suite, Highpoint, Burseldon Road, Southampton, SO19 8BR
Branch: South Coast Branch

TED-Talk style presentations from the SC Committee members who have specialist knowledge and experience in DSEAR, Auditing to ISO45001 standard. An opportunity to network and share experiences with members from around the region with knowledge and information from a multitude of industry sectors.

Role of OSH in workplace stress management and mental wellbeing
Date: Thursday 13 October
Time: 19:00 SGT
Branch: Singapore Branch

Understand the 5 ways of improving mental health in the workplace; learn to manage & reduce stress, start the conversation & encourage dialogue, increase awareness, seek engagement & involvement in & outside the office and connect with people.

HSE update
Event type: Zoom meeting
Date: Thursday 13 October
Time: 14:00 BST
Branch: Tyne and Wear Branch

This online meeting will provide an overview of the current work of the Health and Safety Executive and what is on the horizon.

Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality in Health and Safety at work - with live demonstration
Event Type: In-person
Date: Thursday 13 October
Time: 18:00 – 20:30 BST
Venue: Draycote Hotel, London Road, CV23 9LF
Branch: Mid Shires Branch

The presentation / demonstration will focus on highlighting how existing conditions, or any potential conditions, can cause incidents. The AI cameras can be used to improve health and safety in the workplace, analysing real time camera feeds to predict and then prevent accidents from happening.

Virtual coffee chat – Are we doing enough to improve ‘health’ in the workplace?
Event type: Zoom meeting
Date: Friday 14 October
Time: 10:00 BST
Branch: Northern Ireland Branch

An opportunity to virtually meet other members of the NI Branch for a short (45 minutes maximum) informal discussion on ‘Are we doing enough to improve ‘Health’ in the workplace?’.

Can health and safety become an integral part of a successful business strategy?
Event type: In-person
Date: Thursday 20 October
Time: 13:30 BST
Venue: Westmorland Suite, Crooklands Hotel, Crooklands, Kendal, LA7 7NW
Branch: South Cumbria & North Lancashire Branch

This presentation will explore the reasons why health and safety should be at the core of good business planning, the pitfalls and mistakes that can be experienced along the way and the benefits that come from getting it right.

Authentic Leadership
Event Type: Zoom meeting
Date: Thursday 20 October
Time: 17:30 – 19:00 BST
Branch: West Wales Branch

This session is for anyone who has an interest in authenticity or authentic leadership. Driven by passion and purpose, Authentic Leaders combine self-awareness and personal courage with ethical decision-making and compassion to deliver successful, sustainable and meaningful results

Presenter: Dr Fiona Beddoes-Jones, Kent Fire & Rescue & UK Chartered Psychologist.

The journey to becoming chartered
Event type: Zoom meeting
Date: Thursday 27 October
Time: 15:00 BST
Branch: Tyne and Wear Branch

Our session will be focused on the IOSH Members journey to becoming a Chartered Member of IOSH.

What the UFC and behavioural safety have in common..!
Event type: Zoom meeting
Date: Sunday 30 October
Time: 13:00 GMT / 17:00 GST
Branch: UAE Branch

In this engaging presentation, Bruce Durham MA CMIOSH talks you through his experience of using the same ‘behavioural safety’ approaches that have worked with global elite level fighters.

Workshop between IOSH Members and Health and Safety Students at Middlesex University 
Event Type: In-person
Date: Monday 31 October
Time: 17:00 GMT
Venue: Middlesex University, The Burroughs, London NW4 4BT
Branch: Chiltern Branch and London Metropolitan Branch

Evening event - opportunity for IOSH members interested in Mentoring the next generation to participate in conversations with between Middlesex University students.

An-Opportunity for IOSH member mentoring with discussions covering:

  • What the world of work looks like in an H&S role
  • Opportunities for internships and placements
  • Opportunities for students to help solve a workplace problem in the form of a topic for their dissertation/project.

November events

Fire safety legal update
Event type: Webinar
Date: Wednesday 02 November
Time: 12:30 GMT
Group: Fire Risk Management Group

This webinar intends to add clarity to the Fire Safety (England) Regulation 2022 and give an update on the Fire Safety Act 2021. It will give attendees an understanding of why these changes have come about and what they mean to a practitioner.

Psychological Hazards at the Workplace
Event Type: Zoom meeting
Date: Thursday 03 November
Time: 19:00 SGT / 12:00 GMT
Branch: Singapore Branch

With an increase in mental health challenges in the workplace, organisations need to embrace and adapt mental health awareness. Studies shows that employees and employers are likely to experience mental health issues such as stress or anxiety.

Consultants network virtual meeting
Event type: Zoom meeting
Date: Tuesday 08 November
Time: 19:00 GMT
Branch: Northern Ireland Branch

An opportunity to virtually meet other members of the NI Branch that either are health and safety Consultants or are considering becoming Consultants in the future.

Plant a Seed for Safety- Agricultural evidence-based safety lessons from “down under"
Event type: In-person
Date: Wednesday 16 November
Time: 12:30 – 14:30 GMT
Venue: Writtle University College, Lordship Rd, Writtle, Chelmsford CM1 3RR
Branch: Essex Branch

In Australia and New Zealand, ‘compliance’ is a dirty word.

To be ‘compliant’ with work health and safety legislation is more often than not assimilated with policies, penalties and personal protective equipment. We think it's costly, complicated and time consuming – and yet we forget – that the intent of compliance, is simply: just don’t hurt someone.

Our speaker Alex Thomas brings a fresh approach to agricultural safety, coining phrases such as “safe a life, listen to your wife” and “plant a seed for safety”
With a focus on personal narrative, practicality and prevention, this presentation seeks to re-calibrate the narrative that surrounds work health and safety from ‘box-ticking’ to empowering people, managing risk and ultimately reducing the number of people hurt in rural industries.

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