• To ensure that the machinery is regularly cleaned, maintained and inspected by persons who have been given instruction, information and training to carry this out safely.
  • To provide a user guide for safe use of the machinery. You can use the End User Guide Contents Checklist template as a guide as to what should be included.
  • To keep cleaning, maintenance and inspection logs up to date.
  • To report any defects or concerns with the machinery.
  • To safely dispose of the machinery after its use.


Have you…

  • provided the new owner/user of the machinery with instructions for use, including what to do if thing go wrong
  • provided the new owner/user with a schedule and checklist for cleaning, maintenance and inspection of the machinery
  • provided the new owner/user with additional information, tools and resources for the repair of the machinery, as needed
  • provided the new owner/user a cleaning, maintenance and inspection log, and also stored it within the Technical File
  • provided the new owner/user with instructions for the safe decommissioning, dismantling and disposal of the machinery as per your risk assessment, method statements and legal requirements
  • ensured that the Technical File can be stored for the required period? Technical Files held for machinery as required by EU and UK legislation AND is not intended to move performers must be kept for a minimum of ten years.


Any subsequent additions or modifications to machinery after final sign-off will result a new cycle of commissioning and safety sign off, testing and final sign off and handover.