Technical rehearsal through to press night


  • To check that the machinery does what it is intended to do.
  • To snag, redesign and rebuild, as required through technical rehearsals and previews.
  • To check that the users of the machinery have been provided with suitable and sufficient training, instruction and information on how to safely operate, maintain and check the machinery.


Testing Period: The period of time where scheduled rehearsals and performances take place on the set, and with the use of the new machinery, where changes to the required use and design of the machinery can be modified as required.


Have you...

  • carried out a risk assessment for the testing period
  • carried out a review and amendment of any risk assessments and safe systems of work relating to use, maintenance and cleaning of the machinery that may be required following any re-design or modification
  • updated the Technical File with modifications to design, drawings, photographs, user instructions, risk assessments or method statements
  • kept a record of all training carried out on the safe use of your machinery?

Can you include the following documents in your technical file...

  • testing period risk assessment
  • inspection reports
  • test certificates
  • amended machinery risk assessment, method statements and instructions for use?


Any subsequent additions or modifications to machinery after testing will result a new cycle of commissioning and safety sign off and testing.


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