Commissioning, inspection and safety sign off


  • To check that the machinery does what it is designed to do.
  • To verify and confirm that the machinery is safe for use.
  • To provide information, instruction and training for the safe use, inspection, maintenance and cleaning of the machinery.


Competent person: a person with sufficient training, knowledge, skills and experience to carry out a particular task. Depending of what type of machinery is being inspected and commissioned, there may be legal requirements in relation to the level of competency required to carry out those tasks that you will need to comply with.


Have you…

  • carried out a risk assessment of the commissioning phase
  • used competent persons to carry out inspections of the machinery and verify that it has been built according to the design, is safe for testing, use and/ or commissioning
  • used competent persons to carry out the commissioning of the machinery
  • checked and evidenced the competency of persons carrying out inspections and the commissioning of your machinery
  • used independent or impartial competent persons to carry out thorough inspections of any lifting equipment and accessories
  • referred to relevant Regulations, British Standards, European Standards and / or International Standards that apply to the commissioning of the machinery?

Can you include the following documents in your technical file...

  • inspection reports
  • test certificates
  • commissioning reports
  • safety sign off documentation
  • instructions for the safe use, cleaning, inspection and maintenance of the machinery?