Theatre Advisory Group

About us

Welcome to the Theatre Advisory Group (TAG)

We are a small but expertly placed group of safety practitioners who work in or for the theatre industry.  We aim to provide a wide range of guidance, knowledge and support for its members, non-members and organisations within our industry.

So what do we do:

  • promote and develop the skills, knowledge and experience of safety, health and wellbeing practitioners and specialists in the theatre industry
  • provides benchmarking opportunities and guidance to the industry- develops resources and practical guides specific to the industry, including a guide to performer safety
  • work with, supports and campaigns with other industry bodies to improve the management of safety and health
  • provides Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities, site visits and networking opportunities through industry-specific events
  • champion industry initiatives, supporting best practice to make the industry safer & healthier for everyone

The IOSH Theatre Advisory Group brings together members to network and exchange information related to theatre and associated industries and helps IOSH meet its strategic objectives. When you join the group, you'll get:

  • the opportunity to share good practice and contribute to, influence and aid the development of industry standards for a safer industry for everyone
  • access to leading professionals making a significant difference to H&S within a unique industry
  • a chance to provide development opportunities to help up-and-coming theatre professionals and performers
  • a sounding board for questions and concerns you might have about safety and health in the industry and providing support to our members
  • support in the development of training and information for industry professionals and performers.

To join the group, please email the Membership Team on csc@iosh.com, quoting your membership number, and they will be able to add or change your group. Please download the committee terms of reference.

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Any questions?

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