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July 2021

Are vaccine passports inevitable at events? The Silverstone race weekend offered an insight into the practice in action

June 2021

An outline paper on the technology of electric vehicles

Safety implications of ‘re-cycling’ electric vehicles batteries

Lithium batteries and their safe storage, transport, use and disposal, including re-use and re-cycling

May 2021

Protect Duty Consultation Part Two – The devil is in the detail

Protect Duty Consultation Part One - Why it is vital for the events industry to respond

April 2021

Promoting positive mental health in the events industry during these unprecedented times

March 2021
After a long period left dormant how will we know that safety critical equipment in venues will be legally compliant and fit for purpose post pandemic? 

March 2021
The Part that Good Ventilation Plays in Controlling the Risk of COVID-19 

February 2021
Vaccine and test passports

Is compliance based legislation and safety law slowly strangling the events business

On what legal basis will the decision to run an event be taken by event companies and event directors once restrictions have been lifted?

Considering ‘no jab, no job’ and the events industry

January 2021 - What operational and legal challenges will the events industry face in 2021 as we emerge from the pandemic?

June 2020 - If non-essential shops can open now why not exhibitions?

June 2020 - Good Practice Guidance – Addressing Covid-19 Requirements for Re-Opening Business Events

May 2020 - Covid-19 is not an excuse to drop our guard on security

April 2020 - After a long period left dormant how will we know that safety critical equipment will be legally compliant and fit for purpose post pandemic?

April 2020 - The risk of an outbreak of Legionnaires Disease from water systems in venues and hotels that have been dormant during the pandemic

April 2020 - Promoting positive mental health in the events industry during these unprecedented times

April 2020 - Home Working

27 June 2019 - Opinion: Effective planning is key to ensuring event safety

September 2018 - Event organiser and event manager acquitted of health and safety charges following a fatal accident

August 2018 - Drone safety law tightened

August 2018 - Acoustic shock

August 2018 - Calling time on dust

March 2018 - How will planned and predicted changes to Fire Legislation affect the events industry?

February 2018 - HSE issues new guidance on fairground rides

February 2018 - Temporary and demountable structures guide fourth edition

January 2018 - Could stress be the biggest contributor to absenteeism in the events business?

What does reasonably practicable actually mean in the light of the HSE's strategy for events in 2017?

The Impact of New Sentencing Guidelines on the Events Industry

Following the recent terrorist outrages to what extent are we at risk travelling overseas?

New IOSH Guidance - Managing the safety, health and security of mobile workers