Railway group - letter from the Chair

Dear Railway Group Member

Ed Hodson here, Chair of the Railway Group committee, I wanted to give you a quick update.  To get to know your group committee, we will all be taking turns in contributing to the Chair's update which will be published more frequently and reflect the diversity and experience on the committee. This month, I would like to introduce the Railway Group's Vice Chair - Russell Keir.

Russell Keir - Vice Chair CFIOSH IEng MIET - HM Inspector of Railways Rail in the Railway Planning & Performance Directorate of the Office of Rail & Road.

If, like me, you will be happy that the ‘dreich’ winter will soon be over, and the signs of spring are already beginning to appear. Sadly, for those members in the southern hemisphere autumn is creeping in and it will soon be your winter.

A bit about me … I have 40+ years railway experience. I started as an apprentice fitter working on diesel-electric locomotives. Not long after I became a technical officer maintaining 25kv overhead line equipment and eventually the Contract Manager for railway electrification maintenance in Scotland. I then became an HM Inspector of Railways.

Anyway, looking forward, the IOSH Railway Group Committee is busy putting this year’s plan in to action. All going well, we may be able to have an ‘in person’ conference in November 2022, along with several webinars and articles we are preparing between now and then. These include: RM3, Safety Culture and Electrical Safety the railway environment.

I have just completed a short article on Entities in Charge of Maintenance (ECM) which will be published shortly and will be issuing a short Railway Group members survey, as this will help the committee to focus its efforts on the demographics and interests of the membership.

If anyone is willing to organise a site visit, write an article or deliver a webinar, the committee will be delighted to hear from you. Please feel free to email our IOSH Relationship Manager - Tina Lee - tina.lee@iosh.com, giving your contact details and a brief description on what you are offering. I really do think it would be good for us to get out and start networking with each other, so site visits would be good.

The ‘Linked In’ IOSH Railway Group is growing rapidly and I welcome anyone in IOSH with a railway background to join the IOSH Railway Group, which is free as part of your member benefits and is easy to do.

Thank you for taking the time to read my short update, and I wish you all well.

Russell Keir
Vice Chair
IOSH Railway Group Committee