Logistics and Retail Group - Letter from the Chair

The IOSH Logistics and Retail Group continues to grow in terms of its reach and hopefully its ability to influence as we grow stronger. With over 10,300 followers on LinkedIn, we are continuing to spread awareness of Safety and Health in the retail and logistics arenas.

The past few years have been an enormous challenge for both retail and logistics and it’s reasonable to say that may continue for some time. It is in these difficult times that some of the pillars of Safety and Health can get overlooked, such as training for colleagues along with engagement and communication. Our aim, going forward, as a Group will be to remind, reinforce and recommend that these three essentials are not forgotten. In addition, we will be working on some exiting guidance in two areas, avoiding bridge strikes and load security. We will shortly launch two sub committees to work on that guidance and we would welcome any support from Group.

Our webinars and coffee and chat events continue to reach excellent audiences and its still a source of enjoyment working through and responding to feedback as a committee. I must say though that I can’t wait to get back to seeing the Team at the Grange and our live committee meetings again!

At this stage I shall mention and thank our two Group Vice Chairs who have again been invaluable both to me as Chair and to the entire Group with their safe wisdom and expert knowledge. Our Group is growing in stature and reputation because of them. Thank you, Lee Bennett and Amanda Chew, for all that you do.

Our committee members are growing too, committed to helping to spread the word via social media and generally supporting the Group activities, I’m looking forward to a much more involved and vigorous 2023 and beyond. All being well, our Logistics and Retail Committee look forward to meeting you all at Conference in early part of 2023.

We aim to make 2023 our year of putting Logistics and Retail Safety and Health firmly on the map and making sure, as a committee, we represent IOSH as best as we can. It is an incredible honour to serve as Chair of this Group and I an genuinely excited for how our Committee and Group members finish 2022 and then launch into 2023.

Look forward to seeing you all soon.

Andrew Mawson
Chair Logistics and Retail Group


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