IOSH Health & Social Care Group committee thoughts 6 February 2020

IOSH Health & Social Care Group committee thoughts 6 February 2020

On a frosty Thursday morning, I set off for IOSH’s Head office, ready to meet members of the Health & Social Care Group Committee.

The Committee, who are predominantly new members, had an air  of expectation, as we tried to capture the breadth and the demands of an occupational  health and safety professional in a sector that runs 24/7, 365 days a year.

What did become apparent was the wealth of knowledge and experience that was in the room, and a willing to share and participate to raise the profile of the Group and OHS in the Health & Social Care Sector.

The IOSH vision – a safe and healthy world of work – was brought to life by a presentation by Duncan Spencer, Head of Advice and Practice, who worked through a  diagram  on “Flow of Thought leadership,” in line with work 2022,to enhance, collaborate and influence the world of safety globally.

The meeting discussion focussed considerably around what we could do for the group members, and as a result a survey will be coming out shortly to ask  what challenges  members face,  and what would be the key topics they would like the Committee to promote and share information on.

My role is to provide a quarterly blog to update on developments, from the meetings and I look forward to sharing this insight with you.


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