Stress risk assessment template - free member resource

IOSH Healthcare Group is pleased to share a new Stress Risk Assessment template with our members. The template is an excellent tool for members to use, adapt or compare to their current risk assessment.

This stress risk assessment form is a 'bottom up' form designed to be offered to employees - we recommend that you complement this approach with other methods, including an organisational approach such as 'stress mapping' of hot spots and leadership initiatives.

The contents of the form might usefully be used in a different way; for example by integrating some of the questions into your existing appraisal system - the benefits of this approach would be to cut down red tape if you already have a robust process for staff performance review.

The form is a solution-focussed assessment tool which includes Guidance and 'Desired states' (i.e. gap analysis or risk assessment) all within the same document, so its a one-stop solution and saves users from having to refer to more than one document.

In the Guidance sections of the form, we've highlighted sections for you to insert links to your local relevant policies/procedures/guidance. These could include links to your own internal guidance, including flexible working, stress management course, assertiveness training, training in leading effective teams, signposting to staff support/ occupational health/ human resources/ H&S team, working time regulations, breaks for junior doctors, health and safety policy leaflet, harassment & bullying policy/procedure, organisational and workforce change policy/procedure, or change management course.

The 'Desired states' within the form are taken from HSE's INDG430 Guide How to tackle work-related stress. This describes 'what should be happening/states to be achieved'. We've amended them and/or omitted some, to suit the current culture of many health and social care organisations, and obviously as this work is aspirational, we'd expect that 'Desired states' might change over time, and also would be different for different organisations.

Access the Stress Risk Assessment template

Special thanks for developing this stress risk assessment tool: Margo Campbell, Senior Health & Safety Adviser/ Occupational Hygienist, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

Teresa Jennings, Consultant Clinical Psychologist in Occupational Health,Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Do you have any resources or templates that you and your employer would be willing to share with other Health and Safety professionals? If so we are keen to hear from you, so please contact us.

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