Obligatory Responses to Violence in Healthcare

The Obligatory Responses to Violence in Healthcare (ORV) document was launched in Waleon 21st November 2018.   It is a National Document developed by the NHS Anti -Violence Collaborative in Wales which consists of Welsh Government officials, Senior Police Officers, Senior NHS Wales Managers, Crown Prosecution Service in Wales and Legal and Risk Wales. Lawyers), Welsh Government and the 4 Police Services in Wales. It is intended to be used to reduce incidents of violence and aggression towards our staff and to pursue offenders and hold them accountable for their actions. 

For us in Welsh Ambulance Service Trust it has been a tremendous success. It has allowed us to develop Single Points of Contacts (S.P.O. Cs) with external Partners which include th4 Police Services in Wales, British Transport Police, the CPS in Wales and LHBs Partners. This allows us to work collaboratively. It has also focused us on reviewing and developing our own systems. Several policies have been updated including our V&A and Lone Working Policy. We also have a new High-Risk RecordPolicy that has a process for flagging addresses and reviewing flags in a timely manner to ensure records areas accurate as possible.  

During COVID the numbers of incidenthave fluctuated, dropping quickly at the start of the Pandemic, and spiking when lockdown was lifted to dropping down again.  

Despite the Pandemic incidents have continued to occur. 11 offenders sent to prison during 2020 for offences against our staff. At the start of the Pandemic, we did issue a staff notice regarding spitting and deliberate coughing at our staff. This was developed collaboratively with our S.P.O.C. from the CPS in Wales. We have a trial on 12th February regarding the deliberate coughing at our staff. 

Staff now have confidence that if they report an incident it will be looked at and dealt with and we can follow up incidents form the moment of arrest, through the investigation and any CPS charging decisions, to court appearances and court outcomes. 

It is onof the best pieces of work that the NHS in Wales has produced as far as I am concerned. 

Dylan Parry –Violence and Aggression Project officer –Welsh Ambulance Service Trust (NHS)