hazardous industries-2018

Hazardous Industries Group strategy

As a focal point for health and safety professionals involved in major hazard industries, we aim to:

  • provide specialist support for IOSH and its members on hazardous industries
  • provide a structure for consultation and discussion through presentations and focused meetings
  • help to review and develop legislation, codes of practice and guidance notes on significant hazard issues
  • give our members information about effective risk management in major hazard industries and supporting activities
  • organise and facilitate site visits, activities and networking opportunities
  • establish links with key external organisations.

Specifically, we intend to:

  • provide a forum for discussion on health and safety matters in the sector, especially between a relatively small group of major companies and an ever-increasing SME sector
  • offer unified professional guidance in this large sector, with its many subcontracted service and support industries
  • evaluate and promote voluntary protection programmes for significant hazard sites
  • promote the sharing of information, data and best practice in a way that will facilitate health and safety benchmarking across the sector
  • help to develop industry standards
  • encourage those working in hazardous industries to get more training and qualifications, and to join IOSH
  • promote partnership with other stakeholders, particularly enforcement agencies, insurers and specialist contractors and service providers
  • help to improve the performance levels of health and safety practitioners and others in hazardous industries
  • develop standards for training throughout the sector
  • influence change in the sector by advising and working with key organisations in the UK and EU
  • work with other groups and especially IOSH branches to improve efficiency.

We also want to forge effective links with employers, investors, government departments, standard-setting bodies, enforcement agencies and other interested parties so we can offer authoritative comments based on our members' vast experience. We want to make this experience and knowledge available as a valuable resource for IOSH and its members.


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