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Hazardous Industries Group - letter from the Chair

Hazardous Industries Group; David Evans Chairman’s Update January 2022

The Hazardous Industries Group continues to build both in terms of membership numbers and activities. Last year we ran 4 webinars with excellent levels of attendances and great feedback, but again COVID wiped out any thoughts of a “physical” face to face engagement and networking.

For 2022 we are planning to keep the webinars running and to test out new ways of interacting and supporting our membership. We are planning an online “drop in” session a chat and share event on the 9th of March, it will provide an opportunity to meet the committee and join in a discussion on a current issue, we hope this format will prove interesting, lively and informative. So, keep an eye out for the invitations to join the session.

One of the key issues for us as a committee is to offer new ways for you to engage with us and contribute to the group. To achieve this, we are proposing for 2022:

  • A move towards a model that encourages a wide variety of backgrounds (and geographical locations) to feel they can contribute to the future of the group. During 2022 we will be looking to identify members who would like to actively participate and could even be interested in joining the committee. We have several committee vacancies that need to be filled and IOSH will be running adverts over the next month.
    • In addition to the committee vacancies, we would like to encourage several you to become “influencers” i.e., members who can share their experiences and knowledge by monitoring what’s happening across the hazardous industries, reporting on topics, mentoring or feeding in information on incidents and legislation etc. An informal network of members who have a passion about safety and would like to contribute occasionally. Drop me an email via Networks@iosh.com to register an interest and I would really like to hear from new graduates who are keen to participate.
  • The introduction of the “drop in” online events will provide an opportunity to meet the committee and to discuss topics of interest. The style will be far more relaxed than the more formal webinar sessions and allow us to run with topics that are live on the day or ones that you as members would like to raise. An opportunity perhaps to chat and share about the current issues, or even problems you need to deal with, and get feedback and ideas across the group.
    • This year’s webinars will cover a mix of topics and introductions to organizations who are active in process safety. Ideas currently under discussion include:
      • A talk by the Process Safety Forum
      • Regulator’s view
      • Hydrogen; the hazards and opportunities
      • Risk
  • And perhaps later in the year a hybrid conference, if IOSH allows, for face to face and screen to screen networking.

Our group continues to grow, the IOSH register shows that at the end of 2021 we had 9626 members up from 6061 in 2019 which is great to see. Some two thirds of the membership is UK based but we have significant numbers in the Middle East and Asia.

In terms of group demographics, the decades between 30 and 50 years dominate. Our membership is roughly 20% female and 33% are graduate members. As a committee we want to respect the broad diversity of members so please give special consideration to joining or networking with the committee and don’t forget that participating in the group contributes towards your CPD.

Can I wish you all a safe 2022 and I look forward to supporting you through the Group.

David Evans