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Hazardous Industries Group

About us

The IOSH Hazardous Industries Group represents nearly 5,200 members working to maintain low-risk conditions in situations where major hazards are part of the daily routine.

We work in a range of sectors, including:

  • Petrochemical sector
  • Nuclear
  • Onshore oil & gas
  • Energy production and distribution
  • Explosive industries
  • Bulk chemical storage
  • Pharmaceuticals and other fine chemical production

Our current work includes:

  • Delivering a series of events which are highly relevant to contemporary industry challenges.
  • Producing webinars which can be accessible to members globally.
  • Signposting members to published guidance.
  • Encourage student members to gain more practical experience in high-hazard industries.
  • Responding to key consultation initiatives.

We welcome input from our members. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please get in touch.

To join the group, please email the Customer Service team, quoting your membership number, and they will be able to add or change your group.

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