Fire Risk Management Group - Letter from the Chair

September 2021

Dear Fire Risk Management Group (FRMG) members,

In my last update I referred to the improving situation with the Covid-19 pandemic across the world. It is difficult to predict the future with certainty, but with mass vaccinations now in place in many areas I am sure that we are moving to a much better position that is closer to normality. Normality means that we are now able to look to a future where hopefully we can start to meet each other in person again.

Your committee continues to regularly meet in the virtual world of Microsoft Teams or Zoom to ensure that we continue to provide our members, branches and groups with the support, information and guidance they want and need. In the absence of direct conversation and discussion, our recent LinkedIn survey has provided us with some guidance about the type of information and fire-related topics that you would like us to provide. In addition, we have received feedback from attendees to the events that we have been involved in and we, as a committee, have been monitoring the information, publications and other media output from government and industry for news about changes, incidents and important learning from across the world. When all these inputs are combined, we know that there are many fire-related subjects that OSH professionals will want to hear about.

One thing that has become particularly clear to us is that many webinars, events and presentations have tended to focus on very specific topics and assume that attendees have a certain level of knowledge. This has resulted in some prospective attendees not joining and some that do attend not fully understanding the subject and losing interest in the event or presentation. This assumption of knowledge means that a significant number of attendees are being failed by those providing the webinar or training. The FRMG has therefore decided to add a new level of training and education, which takes attendees back to the basics of fire and fire risk management. Of course, this is not intended for those with the experience and knowledge that is learned through daily use but is aimed at those who are new to the world of fire and related topics or have been in the industry a lot longer but feel that they need to refresh their skills and knowledge. I am pleased to advise that initially there will be six modules presented on a monthly basis, starting in October this year. Watch this space for details of when the sessions will take place and how to join us.

For those who are both knowledgeable and/or experienced, I am pleased to announce that a number of events, including webinars and other presentations, have already been pencilled in for the remainder of this year and 2022. We hope that there is something in the programme that will be of interest to all.

We know from the number of fire incidents that we see occurring across that globe that there is still a lot of work to do to make our workplaces safe and free from fires. I hope that you can see that the IOSH FRMG remains committed to providing our members with the support needed to help them make the improvements to procedures, processes and technical areas that are needed. Please contact us if you think we can help.

Finally, I hope that you all remain safe and healthy and I look forward to speaking with many of you very soon.

Neil Vincer
Chair, IOSH FRMG committee