Financial Services Group strategy

Our Vision is to be a source of networking and corroboration for our members by placing the IOSH Financial Services Group at the centre of our industry, our communities and our health and safety professionals involved in Financial and other related activities anywhere in the world.

Our Mission is to provide a solid foundation of essential knowledge and information for members and to establish effective means to communicate.

To Deliver our vision and mission, we aim to begin with a realistic and inclusive starting point. 2017 introduces the group and to begin with we want to focus on our Professional members. We aim to support our members to develop cohesive and effective health and safety management systems and cultures in their businesses without them having to waste their efforts or reinvent any wheels. So our delivery will be focused on seminars and networking opportunities before expanding to further remits which will be influenced by all of the groups members.

Strategic themes

  • To identify, prioritise, co-ordinate and ensure delivery of a Group events programme that both reflects and meets the need of the Group's members
  • To deliver face to face meetings and WebEx's giving members the opportunity to meet and continually develop the group;
  • To work together and share ideas, for example in developing training material tailored to the risk profiles of the Financial Services sector
  • To facilitate greater networking and knowledge sharing within the sector/group
  • To ensure that there is effective communication between the Group and all its stakeholders.

As a new group and one which is keen to secure involvement from members who wish to be active in the Group we will attempt to communicate directly and through forums. We will be an active visible presence undertaking timely communication to our members.

Reaching our membership

Delivery of information and updates will be by means of:

  • Webinars and branch material.
  • Articles, newsletters and web resources.
  • In the longer term we will seek to undertake conferences and discussion forums

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