IS0 45001 Policy Committee - Vienna

May 2017

Phil Bates, a member of the Consultancy Group Committee, recently attended the Vienna Policy Committee 283 work group (PC283/WG) to finalise decisions on the draft international standard (DIS1) and its comments, of which there were over three thousand. The meeting was attended by sixty international delegates and the remaining clauses were discussed and terminology/wording was agreed (by consensus). Working groups were divided into groups to work on aligning the annex to the draft clauses and to ensure that the annex wording helped with the understanding of what is intended by the clauses. The scope and introduction were also reviewed.

The meeting finished with a very positive note and the second version of the draft international standard (DIS2) will now be edited by the ISO & PC 283 secretariat, prior to going out to national bodies for translation, consultation and voting.

It is hoped at this stage that the DIS2 will be accepted as an international standard. If the standard is accepted it is likely to replace OHSAS 18001, through a transitional period.