CIPFA - editorial board opportunity

January 2018

TISonline Human Resources is an up-to-date resource on HR matters aimed at financial staff and administrators in local government and the wider public sector.

It covers core employee issues applicable to all organisations and reflects subjects of particular relevance to the public sector, such as workforce planning, training and pensions.

The board is currently seeking new members from all areas of local authority human resources management. Being a board member involves writing or updating content for TISonline (available through the CIPFA website) and providing feedback on drafts written by others. The board meets on average two times a year to discuss draft content and agree on future updating plans.

Becoming an editorial board member offers the opportunity to share knowledge and expertise and conduct research on the latest developments in the sector. Membership can also contribute towards CPD schemes operated by CIPFA and other organisations. No prior editorial board experience is necessary.

For more information please contact Susan Furber.