Consultancy - letter from the Chair

July 2021 - You Spoke, We Listened

The first six months of this year, as I’m sure like many of you, has also been quite busy for the Consultancy Group, we have met a number of times and discussed how we can best serve our members, using our own knowledge and the data you all provided us from the survey.

As a result of this, we have looked at the committee and restructured slightly, ensuring we maximise our potential and the service we offer to our members.

Emma Riordan, who joined the committee last year has agreed to take on the role of being our OSHCR liaison, with a number of changes that have occurred recently, we want to make sure we have a committee representative who is close to this and can advise our members on the changes as best we can.

Stephen Cowley, another member of the committee who joined us last year, is leading on collaboration, looking at new ways that we can work with branches and other groups, to use both our own skills and expertise, as well as theirs, including events and projects where we can collaborate.

Finally, Julie Hutt, is working closely with our Vice-Chair Joanne Price, to look at how we can communicate more effectively with you all, using the communications channels we have available to us and keeping you all updated on any news and developments.

We have also firmed up a number of events, that will run through until the end of the year, you will all remember our request for speakers earlier in the year, where we wanted our members speaking at our events more, after all, you know what you want, better than we do.

Our first event is due to be held on 29th July, where Ian Hutchings, one of our members, has offered to provide us all with an insight to some of the lessons he has learnt from his years as a consultant. This event is for those who may be just starting out in consultancy, or even those who are seasoned and want to hear some of the things Ian has to share.

Please keep an eye on our social media networks (Twitter and LinkedIn) and your email inboxes, for this event and the others we have planned for the rest of 2021.

As I stated in my first Chairs letter, our door remains open, so please, if you have any suggestions, feedback or comments, then please reach out, using our email address: chair-consultancy@ioshnetworks.co.uk

Thank you for your continued support.

Matt Jackson, CFIOSH
IOSH Consultancy Group


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