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About us

With over 4,000 members, the IOSH Consultancy Group offers a networking base for health and safety consultants, many of whom work in isolation from fellow safety professionals.

We represent primarily the interests of IOSH members who are either self-employed or directly employed as a consultant. We aim to provide a forum for consultants so they can network with others in a similar situation and further their professional development and business acumen. We also welcome people offering ways to promote best practice in consultancy businesses and in health and safety, as a means of encouraging contact between professional groups.

We stage national networking events throughout the year, focusing on consultants' professional and business interests. We've also contributed to several IOSH guides on consultancy.

Not all our members are full-time consultants. Some have an aspect of consultancy as part of their wider role, while others have joined us to find out more about consultancy with a view to future employment opportunities.

You don't need any specific qualifications to be a member of the Consultancy Group, though we are committed to developing a scheme to clearly determine consultants' competence. We believe it's imperative for the safety profession as a whole, and for consultants in particular, to have a means by which we can demonstrate and others can recognise our areas and level of competence.

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Introducing Activate 2028

IOSH’s five-year strategy is all about action – and the whole occupational safety and health profession coming together to create better working lives. It’s about building on what we’ve achieved so far and progressing, supporting and celebrating our profession. Read more about Activate 2028 and how it will impact you, our extraordinary members.

Strategy work and achievements so far

The IOSH Consultancy Group strategy is designed to align with the WORK 2022 vision of Enhance, Collaborate and Influence.

The IOSH Consultancy Group will continue to deliver added value to its membership by using a variety of methods to communicate and engage with its membership (Enhance).

To become a trusted partner to like-minded organisations who share our drive and passion for making our work environments as safe as they can be (Collaborate). To contribute to and assist in the development of solutions to health and safety issues which impact consultants, businesses and membership (Influence). View our full strategy.

Our current focus areas include:

  • Becoming a consultant
  • Value to existing consultants
  • Personal development/wellbeing
  • Working with and selecting a consultant

View our focus areas in more detail.

To join the Group, please email the Customer Service team, quoting your membership number, and they will be able to add or change your group. Members can join one/all of the groups as part of the membership fee.

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