Tideway research

The Tideway Tracer Study was a three-year research programme that tracked occupational health and safety behaviours and initiatives implemented in the Tideway construction project to create a sustainable sewerage solution for London beyond the 21st century. The project came to an end in January 2019.

Loughborough University’s OSH research on London’s Tideway project produced a number of short summary reports on key aspects of the study, learning from Tideway and providing guidance on opportunities for implementation across industry. The summary reports were on the following topics:

A review of the welfare facilities provision on Tideway.

There was also a webinar giving an overview of the research. You can listen to that webinar below and download the Q&A session.

The IOSH Construction Group played an important role in helping review and translate learning from this research, applying key aspects to other parts of the construction industry. Members of the IOSH Construction Group Committee were also members of the Tideway Industrial Reference Group and produced a series of one-page infographics based on the research outputs. For more information on the Tideway Tracer research programme, visit www.tideway.lboro.ac.uk/about-tideway.

What’s next?

IOSH will work closely with the research team to disseminate the findings of the research programme. A series of academic papers will be published to outline the research outputs and enhance practitioners’ OSH knowledge and skills. Members of the research team from Loughborough University will contribute to a number of webinars, where they will provide expertise and unique insights into the Tideway construction project. IOSH will work closely with construction firms to explore how the research may inform organisational policies and practices.