Placing Workers Central to Construction

Middlesex University Research

To support and improve worker wellbeing and welfare in construction, we would like to hear your thoughts about how workers are viewed; how work is planned and controlled; and how good you think existing management arrangements are.

In support of research at Middlesex University London, the Supply Chain School has recently funded a survey of the construction industry to assess the potential for resilience in risk management and welfare practices across supply chain processes. Resilience is enabled through the ability to anticipate, monitor, respond and learn from risks and work (Hollnagel, 2009).

Worker welfare is about care for workers beyond just site conditions and facilities. It considers the conditions of work experienced from how projects are planned and resourced, to how worker issues are managed. Beyond responding to legal requirements it requires ongoing attention, resourcing and engagement with workers.

What does the survey cover?

This survey questions construction supply chain work from design and tendering, to work completion. You may not be involved with all these construction supply chain stages so please share the survey with others in your work.

Importantly, the more construction workers, managers, supervisors and safety/welfare officers who get involved, the better the outcome will be in terms of getting a true view of what is happening.

What do I need to do?

Take the survey