Construction Group and CONIAN

The Construction Industry Advisory Committee (CONIAC) advises HSE and relevant stakeholders of emerging health and safety developments. The Construction Industry Advisory Network (CONIAN), provides a platform within this structure for the construction industry to promote engagement with workers to change behaviours and provides direct participation and involvement of organisations with the direction for managing construction risks.

The IOSH Construction Group represent IOSH and sit on this forum. We have committee members who are:

  • The representation of IOSH on CONIAN (Dr. Michael Cash)
  • The Chair of the Sharing Our Success Working Group (Kevin Fear)
  • A member of the Keeping Pace with Change Working Group (Paul Haxell)

Though regular communications we will endeavour to keep you informed of the progress of these forums through this section of the network pages

Recent meetings

CONIAN meeting, 07 December 2017

Michael Cash, Paul Haxell and Kevin Fear attended the introductory meeting of CONIAN in London on the 7th December 2017. The meeting was the first of its kind and used to introduce all members of the steering groups, working groups and advisory network. All presentations delivered can be downloaded as PDFs from the following links:

Working Group (WG) Statements of Intent and Draft Work Plans, WG Chairs:

HSE issued a press release regarding the launch which is available on the HSE website.

*Please note the caveat below to accompany the interpretation of the infographic: The injury statistics are preliminary findings from 1,000 randomly selected RIDDOR reports. Consequently the figures may change when the full data set is analysed. The risk profile does not reflect the self-reported types of accident used in official HSE statistics, but instead is a novel assessment of accident causation using a classification system currently being developed by the HSE construction division.


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