Construction Group

About us

The IOSH Construction Group is a specialist working group run by IOSH members who volunteer their time.

Our aim is to support IOSH members who work or have an interest within the global construction industry.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to liaise and cooperate with leading OSH influential groups and committees to help promote proactive safety and eliminating harm from our work.

To deliver this we represent IOSH on the following:

Special Projects

Over the last few years, we have supported:

  • Veterans in Construction & Project RECCE Diabetes in Construction
  • Women in Construction
  • Diabetes in Construction

We learn from industry leaders and run seminars and webinars on contemporary and engaging construction topics.

Previous work

Under our previous strategy we looked to enhance the occupational safety and health profession.

The pandemic itself had a positive impact on the reputation of the occupational safety and health profession with employers relying on sound advice from their OSH practitioners to develop COVID safe working practices.

We gave an undertaking to build strategic partnerships through collaboration and to strengthen our influence and impact globally.

These undertakings were particularly evident in the construction industry whereby IOSH along with government and non-government organisations such as the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) and Construction Industry Advisory Council (CONIAC) in the UK, the International Safety & Health Construction Coordinators Organisation (ISHCCO) in Europe and the International Labour Organization (ILO) on the wider international stage collaborated and communicated with their respective national construction industries in order to develop COVID safe working practices.

Activate 2028

To build upon the achievements delivered under our previous three-year strategy and to continue to emphasise our vision-a safe and healthy world of work, IOSH have developed our strategy for the next five years Activate 2028.

Introducing Activate 2028

IOSH’s five-year strategy is all about action – and the whole occupational safety and health profession coming together to create better working lives. It’s about building on what we’ve achieved so far and progressing, supporting and celebrating our profession. Read more about Activate 2028 and how it will impact you, our extraordinary members.


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