Mental Health resources

HSE’s stress management standards have been around for more than 15 years, but two years ago, psychiatric problems overtook musculoskeletal diseases as the biggest cause of absence from work.

IOSH research finds that many organisations have introduced Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA), but an over-reliance on volunteer MHFAs doesn’t tackle the root causes of mental health issues. Instead, MHFAs should be only part of a much wider business approach. The research has two useful outputs:

An information sheet Mental Health First Aid: workplace considerations, which considers the adoption and implementation of MHFA, some limitations, and how ‘mental health first aiders’ can be integrated into a wider system of support.

A benchmarking tool Mental health in the workplace: benchmarking questions, to help organisations with the design of their mental wellness systems.

We thought it would be useful to curate resources of particularly pertinent research, guidance, webinars, etc, and you can download your copy from our IOSH page. We’ll update the resources at least every year.

One of the tools is a handy mental health gap analysis, which we’ve developed from the benchmarking questions. We hope you’ll use it, and maybe share the results with us (no names, etc).

We’d love to add some broadcasting and telecommunications case studies to the resources: what can you share?

We’re starting with “Workplace Wellbeing: the role of line managers in promoting positive mental health”. This joint IOSH/Management Today report is a ten-minute read and includes two case studies.

It shows that around half of all managers have never had any training on managing mental health in the workplace and fewer than a third think they’ve had sufficient training – perhaps because it is only mandatory in a fifth of organisations. Yet, managers are ideally placed to:

  • spot changes in behaviour or performance that could indicate an emerging mental health issue
  • establish healthy workloads, ways of working and expectations
  • above all, nurture relationships

Have you succeeded, or failed, in getting managers trained in stress/mental health? Can others learn from your experiences? Please, let us know broadly what you did: We’ll get back to you to delve into the detail, and construct a case study that you are happy to share with the Group.

Please contact our Relationship Manager Tina Lee if you’d like to share your case study.

Alison Wright Reid, Broadcasting and Telecommunications Group Committee Member