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July 2022

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September 2021

Overview of the Aviation and Aerospace Group survey results 2021

June 2021

From Conventional to Alternative Aviation Fuels: A Missed Opportunity to Minimise Adverse Occupational Health Effects?

November 2020

Letter from the Chair

I would like to begin by saying that I hope that everyone is managing to stay safe throughout the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and also pass on our best wishes to everyone who has been affected either by the virus itself, or the terrible cost to the industry due to the economic downturn and restrictions placed on aviation, and the travel industry as a whole. I hope that as a group we can provide some assistance and support for those adversely affected.

To help us assist our members we are currently reviewing our action plan and methods of delivery, as we will be unable to arrange any physical events or meetings for the foreseeable future. With this in mind I am looking at how we can provide you all with a facility to share your best practices and experiences, as well as providing a mechanism for feedback to the group so that we can ensure we are providing you with what you need from us. Ultimately, we are here to support our members, and as such we need to understand those changing needs, particularly in such challenging times. To achieve this, I would like to encourage members to visit the Aviation and Aerospace LinkedIn page and comment on the content. We will also be looking to send out communications via IOSH, and carry out a survey in the very near future. Again, could I please encourage members to complete this.

Other areas we are looking at are working with various organisations to signpost members to in order to support them through these difficult times with things such as CV’s and retraining opportunities. We are also looking to provide an open forum facility for live feedback if possible.

Unfortunately, here in the UK we are now experiencing either a second lockdown period, or severe restrictions, and this is likely to be replicated around the world, with no real end in sight. However, as I am sure we all appreciate, those of us who are still operating, albeit in a vastly reduced capacity need to ensure that we are doing in a safe and compliant manner. To ensure this remains the case we need to consider the following in the light of the inevitable changes we are all witnessing at the moment, and more than likely for some considerable time. This list is by no means exhaustive, but will hopefully provide some prompts to assist our members.

  • Reviewing existing risk assessments to take account of changes in staffing levels or procedures
  • Reviewing procedures to ensure these are compatible with Covid-19 control measures
  • Ensuring that staff remain competent in role, especially following periods away from work and reduced movements
  • Equipment remains serviceable and compliant in terms of normal maintenance and statutory inspections, e.g. LOLER, PUWER etc.
  • Consider the mental health of staff, this may be due to stress in the workplace, but may also relate to external factors which can present themselves in the workplace
  • Consider the effects of fatigue, especially if reduced numbers of staff are working flexible work patterns to achieve the maximum financial savings during this challenging period

Finally, we have a couple of our committee members who are going to be leaving us after a number of years, and I will thank them formally once the time comes. This however, will create some vacancies within the committee, and we will be looking to run a recruitment process in the next month or so, once this is finalised we will send out the necessary details for expressions of interest. I am looking to make sure that we have a committee which is made up of diverse areas of the industry with a variety of backgrounds and experience. So, if you feel that this is something you would like to be part of, please apply once the details have been sent out.

Stay safe

Rick Phillips, Chair



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