Electro Magnetic Fields control of EMF at work regulations

February 2018

The branch welcomed Hugo Bibby a specialist in Electro Magnetic Fields to this first meeting of 2018.

Hugo delivered his presentation covering the EMF Directive of 2013 which has been transposed into UK law as the Control of EMF at Work regulations.

This requires employers to risk assess exposure to EMFs and reduce exposure where exposure to EMFs and reduce exposure where Exposure Limit Values are exceeded. It also requires employers to identify "Workers at Particular Risk" such as those with pacemakers, other implanted devices and pregnant workers.

"EMF safety is a niche and at first glance technical subject. This sometimes deters health and safety professionals from getting to grips with the requirements of the new EMF Regulations but with a little reading its easy enough to make some headway. For anyone looking to get started its just a case of preparing a list of sources of EMF and then performing an assessment. That assessment is usually a simple paper exercise based on a guide accompanying the regulations or obtaining information from equipment manufacturers who are duty bound to provide EMF safety information. The largest challenge for most employers is how to cater organisationally for workers classified as being at particular risk. Measurements are required in only a minority of cases and most of these will be surprisingly easy to perform."

Hugo Bibby

Hugo would like to make readers aware about the National Register of radio frequency (RF) workers. The aim of the Register is to create a database of workers who may be exposed to radio frequency fields above general public levels. There is no commercial interest and it is purely a vehicle for future research. It benefits employers by keeping them up to date with the latest topics in EMF safety and demonstrates stakeholder engagement.

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