Effectiveness of H&S training of low skilled & migrant workers in the construction sector

24th October 2019

Branch Meeting Report

This meeting was arranged with the assistance of the Institute of Work Psychology (IWP) from the University of Sheffield. The subject matter was presented by Rose Shepherd from the IWP team and who is currently involved with the ESTEEM project.

The ESTEEM project is still currently in progress and is focused on improving the effectiveness of health and safety training for members of the workforce who are known to be at an elevated risk level within the construction sector.

The initial part of the presentation explored the data around the vulnerability of low skilled & migrant workers worldwide and of that in the UK.

Rose provided a detailed explanation of the findings regarding this area and the concerns raised around the lack of academic exploration of this area.

Further information on the development of specific training packages & tools was provided with a chance for the branch members to take part in a short demonstration of how this is being applied.

The members present were invited to consider the current progress and direction being taken. This was well received with a number of questions around the practical application of the planned training programmes and the positive and challenging aspects.

Rose provided the opportunity for members to take an active involvement with the project and details for looking at discussing potential participation in the training role out stages.

The branch chair Paul Rhodes thanked Rose for her time and willingness to support the branch and its membership. It is envisaged that once the ESTEEM project is completed a return visit from Rose (or a member of the IWP team) will be organised. 

The attendance level was pleasing with an estimated 76 members taking time to join in the event.