Presidential Distinguished Service Award

At Branch meeting held on 28th January a surprise lay in store for one of our Branch Executive Committee Members. Blair Boyd had the honour of being (virtually) presented with a Presidents Distinguished Service Award by the IOSH President Jimmy Quinn. 

After a brief introduction to the recipient, it was apparent by the expression on Blair’s face he was to be the receive the Award. President Jimmy Quinn thanked Blair for going above and beyond the Volunteer’s remit. 

Blair was invited to join the Committee by then Chair George Mills around 2018, his flair and enthusiasm became apparent (as well as his dress sense), Blair was invigorated by recently becoming a Chartered Member and wanted others to have the same feeling of a buzz and self-satisfaction. Blair initially set up a mentoring group for members to drop in, discuss and share ideas. This was like a rolling stone gathering moss. Blair set up a “WhatsApp” to enable the group to keep in touch. 

The success of the group mentored upwards of 20 members attaining Chartered Status. This continued into 2020, then BANG lockdown ensued. Not to be put off, Blair had the vision to go virtual and then as you may guess Blair had another two ideas the first to set up a CFIOSH Group wish also harvested success. 

The second idea Blair had was to set up “Safer than your average podcast”. The theme was to interview leading OSH and non-OSH professionals, who would give a background to their career’s drizzled with a bit of their family background. Interviewees included President Jimmy Quinn, President Elect Louise Hosking, a survivor of Piper Alpha and a survivor from 9/11. The podcasts are still available on YouTube. 

Branch Chair Fred Cullum commented “Blair has been an inspiration not only to the Committee but to the Membership. He has taken the lead in moving Members to Chartered and Fellowship status”. Fred further commented that “…during lockdown Blair set up Safer than your average podcast, which gave a variety of interviews from people we would never have access to sharing their experiences some professional and also personal. I would also thank IOSH President Jimmy Quinn for taking the time to join our meeting a present Blair with the PDSA. Well done Blair”.