The Courtroom Experience May 2019

In order to create some atmosphere this event took place within the Police Scotland Training Centre at Jackton, East Kilbride where there is a room setup as a courtroom. The event was presented by Rhona McKeracher and Amy Anderson, both senior solicitors from BTO Solicitors assisted by two members of the Executive Committee Lorna McBreen and Alex Petrie who really got into character playing various roles whilst being questioned by solicitors. The session started with providing an overview of the court structure within Scotland, then setting the scene of the courtroom layout, individuals and roles before moving to courtroom etiquette on how individuals should be addressed. Using a case study individuals were able to hear and observe the proceedings before concluding with an outline of penalties and awards illustrated with examples from actual court decisions.

Both morning and afternoon sessions were fully subscribed and well evaluated by those attending. We would hope to repeat the event in a few years’ time with the support of BTO who wrote the event specifically for the Branch.