Branch recent events


09 September 2023 - Presidential awards followed by a presentation on the impact of respirable crystalline silica in construction workplaces

22 July 2023 - CPD awareness for members

10 June 2023 - Developing your OSH career

20 May 2023 - Professional excellence in the changing world of work

25 March 2023 - The Changing World of Work: Addressing the Generational Skill Gap

7 and 8 February 2023 - West Africa Conference 2023 highlights


13 August 2022 - Managing Projects Safely

14 May 2022 - Exploring a Holistic View of Health, Safety and Wellbeing Systems in the Construction Industry
The Branch ran through some quick introductions before introducing guest speaker Jessy Gomes. Following her presentation, the Branch goes over some branch business and further updates.
Speaker: Jessy Gomes


16/17 September 2021 - West Africa Conference 2021 highlights


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