Tees Branch recent events


14 December 2021 - Menopause at Work
Speaker: Jane Shearer, Health & Safety Adviser, Newcastle University

23 November 2021 - COVID a Health & Safety Executive Enforcement Perspective
Speaker: Victoria Crofton, HM Inspector of Health & Safety

02 November 2021 - Working well from home
Speaker: Katharine Metters, Lead Consultant Posturite

14 July 2021 - Process Safety & Behaviours
Speaker: Andrew Mawson, Head of SHEQ/ EV Cargo Limited

08 June 2021 - Practical Fire Safety
Speaker: Chris Stone, Managing Director of AC Fire Safety LTD


July 2020 - Webinar 
North Branches and Districts: Covid-19-Mitigating the effects - Your Mental and Physical Wellbeing
Andrew Sharman, IOSH President 
Louise Hosking, IOSH Vice President 
Chris Knagg, IOSH Manchester Branch & Northwest Districts Chair 2018-2020

10 March 2020 - Sustainability & Recycling
Sustainability & Recycling presentation

11 February 2020 - Confined Spaces
This presentation provided an introduction to the key management tools to safely manage confined
Infratec presentation
Vital Fire Solutions presentation 

14 January 2020 – Disability in the Workplace
Disability presentation


17 December 2019 - Health and Wellbeing 
Mental Health First Aid Taster Session
This presentation provided an introduction to mental health first aid 
The event was presented by Richard Bennett, MHFA Trainer, Citation Ltd
Introduction to mental health first aid presentation

Nutrition and Wellbeing
A presentation focusing on workplace nutrition and wellbeing.  
The event was presented by Anna Mason, The Healthy Employee
Focusing on workplace nutrition and wellbeing presentation

12 November 2019 - Behavioural Safety
This event provided an overview of behavioural safety, demonstrating its links to improved safety performance, how it works and how you can use it in your own workplace.
The event was presented by Andrew Thacker from People Positive 
Behavioural Safety November 2019
Health and Safety - I Chose to Look the Other Way 

08 October 2019 - Practical Aspects of Water Safety (Legionella)
This event was presented by Peter Gunn who works for the Water Hygiene Centre. Peter has been an adviser providing competent advice to multiple public sector clients in the Midlands and North of England.
Practical approach to water safety presentation

10 September 2019 – Career Development

This event helped IOSH members, and other safety professionals, identify opportunities for professional growth, and career development through a series of presentations. 

This event included a Key note presentation by Shirley Parsons Director Gerry Pearson.

Professional Development for IOSH Members
IOSH Initial Professional Development (IPD)
IOSH Continued Professional Development (CPD)
Shirley Parsons HSEQ Recruitment Presentation

11 June 2019 - Health Risk Assessments

This event hosted by Dr Stephen Ross owner of Qualitek Safety Ltd and Qualitek Occ. Health Ltd. summarised how companies can carry out a needs assessment for occupational health.
14 May 2019 - AGM and CPD/IPD 

This event featured the Annual AGM and IPD / CPD presentations by Andrew McKenna & Jonathon Backhouse. Committee members of the Tees IOSH branch.

09 April 2019 - Portable Appliance Testing
A presentation from Hawkesworth Appliance Testing outlining 'The Importance of PAT Testing'

12 March 2019 - Driving Safety
This event featured 3 topics:
Road Safety - A Police Perspective
Site Management for Sustainable Transport
The 4 E's & Fatal 4 of driving

15 January 2019
Noise and Vibration Claims & Compliance



13 November 2018 - Preventing the spread of fire
This even was presented by Jonathan Backhouse on fire compartmentation.
Preventing the spread of fire presentation

09 October 2018 - Griffin/Terror
The National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) is a police unit that supports the 'protect and prepare' strands of the government's counter terrorism strategy. The Tees Branch invited John Bickerstaff a counter terrorism safety advisor to deliver a presentation on 'ACT Awareness' (Action Counters terrorism).
ACT Awareness CTSA Version July 18

September 2018 - Emergency Preparedness
The following presentations will help members with their emergency preparedness:
Safe working in labs - Spills
Introduction to sudden cardiac arrest
P50 fire extinguisher

27 March 2018 - Working in collaboration with Centre for Research in the Older Workforce
(CROW) and Ageing through Social Partnership and Industrial Relations Expertise (ASPIRE) IOSH Tees Branch invited Matt Flynn (of Hull University) to give a short presentation on the current research that is being undertaken and invited branch IOSH members to get involved with the research.
Aspire short summary

January 2018 - Teesides annual CPD and IPD event presented by Shona MacMillan and Jonathan Backhouse
Shona provided guidance on how to complete MyCPD, while Jonathan outlined how graduates can work towards their Chartership.
IOSH CPD 2018 presentation
IOSH IPD presentation
MyIOSH CPD development plan


19 December 2017 - Vice Presidential visit
It was a great honour for the Teesside IOSH branch to have a Michelle Muxworty, MSc CFIOSH, Vice President visit our branch. Her keynote presentation outlined the Presidential Team update.

19 December 2017 - Texas City workshop
This included an animation created by the US Chemical Safety Board, followed by three acted scenes in which described the causal factors which led to the devastating explosion.

07 November 2017 - Ionising and non-ionising radiation
Margaret Trevor, Teeside University Medical Imaging Senior Lecturer at Teeside University
Lecture Brief

13 June 2017 - Health, fitness for work, mental health and cancer
Working after 50: Managing a healthy ageing workforce by Matt Flynn
The weight of life stressful by Karen Lowes (no presentation available)
Role of health surveillance in the workplace by Louise Huscroft
No Time to Lose by John Lacey

02 May 2017 - AGM and foot safety/hygiene
Jonathan Backhouse key note presentation discussed the current food statistics; followed by outlining the differences between common forms of food-borne illnesses food poisoning and food-borne diseases. The session discussed the role of Food Hygiene Ratings and looked at some local examples.
Event summary

04 April 2017 - Construction half day seminar. Download the event summary
Jason Anker MBE, shared his story of how a fall from height ended in him being paralysed. No additional resources available.
Stephen Coppin provided a presentation of the Impact of CDM 2015
Raymond Bone provided a presentation on the Role of the CDM Advisor

24 January 2017 - Journey to zero waste
Andy Robertson provided two presentations; first on the role of the IOSH Environmental & Waste Management Group, this was followed by an overview of the Duty of Care and the journey to Zero Waste to Landfill. No additional resources available.
Event summary