Tees Branch plan

Aim, Vision, Mission and Strategy

The primary aim of the Tees IOSH branch is to support IOSH with their vision, mission and Work 2022 strategy. We will strive to support IOSH's three broad aims that underpin WORK 2022.

Enhance the occupational safety and health profession

By providing a wide range of relevant events, seminars and CPD workshops to help the branch members reach their potential (developing competence, capability and a range of skills).
By extending the events to non members we promote better perceptions of IOSH in the Teesside community.

Build strategic partnerships through collaboration

By working with other branches and groups, to enable members of each to attend each others' events, seminars and workshops.

Strengthen our influence and impact globally

Organising locally and nationally recognised speakers for our events, seminars and workshops, that cover national and international relevant safety and health topics.

IOSH Mission

The purpose of IOSH is to promote and improve work-related safety, health and sustainability by:

  • being a leading national and international professional body
  • setting professional standards
  • promoting the role of health and safety practitioner
  • promoting awareness of the importance of health and safety to sustainability
  • advancing research and disseminating knowledge
  • encouraging, facilitating and leading communion of information, good practices and expertise; supporting, developing and nurturing the competence of all members and attracting new members
  • working in partnership with others

IOSH WORK 2022 Strategy

IOSH has developed a new five-year strategy, WORK 2022 shaping the future of safety and health, through:

  1. Enhancing the occupational safety and health profession
  2. Building strategic partnerships through collaboration
  3. Strengthening our influence and impact globally

Our objectives

  • To promote high standards of health, safety and wellbeing for people at work and people affected by work activities
  • To provide a support to IOSH members, in their professional development
  • To increase the number of members participating in branch activities
  • To contribute towards the professional development of branch members through our mentoring programme
  • To encourage people to attend our branch meetings
  • To encourage people to enter the profession of occupational safety and health
  • To establish relationships with other local IOSH branches
  • To promote and encourage the benefits of IOSH membership and the development of the profession
  • To provide a facility for branch members to have both professional and social interaction
  • To provide a regular programme of events relevant to the professional interests of branch members
  • To ensure branch events are properly planned, managed and evaluated
  • To provide resources from branch events (including PowerPoint Presentations etc.)

The continuous development, evolving and evaluation of our branch objectives will be achieved through for two-way communication between the branch members and the Executive Committee, and IOSH.

The Executive Committee will endeavour to:

  • welcome visitors at branch meetings and monitor attendance levels
  • have an open invitation policy to anyone wishing to attend our events
  • ensure that the Mentor (or deputy) is available at all events, to provide support and guidance to members, and those interested in joining IOSH
  • provide an annual programme of branch half day events and evening seminars
  • liaise with IOSH head office regularly
  • obtain feedback from meeting attendees
  • to gain an evaluation of our objectives