Tees Branch - letter from the Chair

Welcome to the Tees Branch of IOSH

It is an honour and a privilege to serve as the Chair of the Tees Branch. As a branch, we continue to provide a wide range of online Zoom meetings to benefit safety and health professionals.

We invite not only our local members but all IOSH members and non-members. You will find all our latest details, including up and coming events, on our LinkedIn page.

You can see details of our previous events at the links shown on the right of this page.

Whilst many of our members prefer physical meetings, we will be continuing to hold Zoom meetings due to Covid19.

If you have any questions about Tees Branch IOSH, our meeting, or how we can further support you, please email tees@ioshnetworks.com.


You can also check out all upcoming events.

If you missed any of our previous events.
If you have any questions about Tees Branch IOSH, our meeting, etc. please email tees@ioshnetworks.com.