South West Branch - letter from the Chair

Welcome to the IOSH South West Branch.

The IOSH South West branch, through it’s larger than most geographical area, aims to reach out, through me as Chair and our committee, in an inclusive manner ensuring that diversity and inclusivity are at the forefront of what we do.

Yes we will talk about safety, health and wellbeing although we should be speaking and discussing many wider issues that affect us globally.

As Chair it is my role to ensure that our committee are bringing events and ideas that will inspire and assist our members. 1st and 2nd career opportunities are real and with that come young people, veterans and those moving from industry into OHS as a second career, we aim to support you all.

Our programme of events, from July 2022, can be found on our events page as well our events registration routine. Don’t forget that attending these branch events can be counted towards your CPD. These events will not be the usual events of W@H, Fire Bill or Legal updates, they will be out the box thinking, “are you not entertained,” as Maximus Decimus Meridius once said, we aim as a committee to serve you, our members, well and be “nulli secundus” in all that we do.

Feel free to contact us at southwest@ioshnetworks.com if you have any questions, an offering to speak at one of our events or have an interest in serving on our committee of volunteers. You can also find me on Linkedin, https://www.linkedin.com/in/jimmy-quinn-cfiosh-senior-health-and-safety-manager-multiplex-02905234/ or drop me a line on James.Quinn@IOSH.com

Don’t forget you can also communicate with us on our LinkedIn and Twitter pages.

I hope to meet you all at our future events.

Jimmy Quinn CFIOSH, Immediate Past President, and Chair of the South West Branch