Legionella control, ductwork, and ventilation system cleaning

This extremely successful event was attended by 81 attendees and the very informative presentation on Legionella and its legal impacts along with its management and controls along with ventilation systems continues to be a popular topic with members.

The event covered some interesting and diverse case studies which demonstrated the extent of the speakers’ expertise.

The presentation attracted a wide audience and was well received.

Gavin was able to link the risk management of Legionella into what would be expected by the HSE and his slides gave a great demonstration of the information that should be provided.

The videos demonstrated how Legionella affected the human body and why it took till 1976 to understand the characteristics of the disease and be able to isolate it from other similar causes of Deaths.

Legionella is particularly relevant to those returning to empty offices and workplaces following COVID-19 and understanding the risk cannot be overstated.

Questions were also asked about the competencies and responsibilities for those involved.

The talk was followed by slides from the branch showing how the subject fitted into the IOSH Competence wheel and how to allocate within the CPD Framework

We continue to work with our members to provide topics that are of interest and align with the IOSH Competency Framework.

Presentation slides and the recording can be found on our Recent Events page.


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