South Wales branch Overview of the new IOSH competence framework and its importance to membership and professional development

The opportunity to review the recently released IOSH Competency Framework was this month’s branch event and over 80 attendees proved that this was an excellent choice for our members. Presentations by the chairman and vice chairman of the branch were supported by the IOSH regional manager Paul Kelsall.

The topic proved a great basis for discussion and certainly will lead to more events in the future where we explore its development and application. Though the framework was very new to many attendees we were pleased as always at the branch to see the degree to which members considered its importance and impact.

There were many contrary views in regard to its introduction but members were assured that there will be plenty of further support, a review of questions and requests by the branch communications co-ordinator and further publication of summary views as and when appropriate. Members are encouraged to study the information at the bottom of this article in more detail and also refer to the communications directly from IOSH to help their understanding and application.

The meeting also outlined branch developments including the launch of our branch awards. These seemed to get a great level of interest and members are encouraged to go to our 1st Annual Branch awards page for specific details and entry forms. Similarly the next alliance health and safety conference and exhibition is looming on April 1st and details of booking and exhibition opportunities can be found on our events page.

The meeting was a great success. It is always refreshing to see the level of interest growing and to introduce over a dozen '1st time attendees' to the many benefits of branch meetings. We look forward to continuing this theme over the forthcoming meetings for this year.

Tudor R Williams CMIOSH

Branch Chairman



Review of IOSH membership grades – FAQs
CPD course brochure 
Competency framework leadership team presentation
Competency framework – FAQs
Overview of new IOSH Competency framework
Competency framework PDF

Here are some images from the event:

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